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    This is the Head Hunters Motorcycle Club official media archive. If you have any question contact our HQ's ingame. https://saesrpg.uk/topic/12390/head-hunters-mc/19
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    RolePlay #1
    Story: it was a sunny day and i was with Kotaka and fixing my bike by calling pirus that i needed a drug and they came to take me to our asylum and we started to transport boxes of 3kg of meth 2kg of cocaine and 5kg of grass after we carried everything we drove to our base where we locked them in a box and when i asked how much i owe them they replied nothing this is a gift so we thank them very much
    Participants:@The-Pirus @Jaster @Asgal @SoulFly HHMC|Polenta|Prez HHMC|Kotaka|M
    Screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/DEJndy1

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    RolePlay #2
    Story: it was a dark and foggy day i went to the Pirus base and asked for 20kg weed they showed it to me and just smelled good drug I lit a joint and was speechless then immediately wanted to pack my drug and give it to me in my backpack because I was then I got home and stored them in our asylum
    Participants: @Jaster @The-Pirus @SoulFly @Gyulavokcs HHMC|Polenta|Prez @Ragnar
    Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/N8f2rSO

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    RolePlay #3
    Story: After a day of buying 20kg of drugs, I decided to invite my friends Pirus to a beer, we had fun, we snuck some coke, and then I sent them off and they left because they had important tasks
    Participants: @Jaster @The-Pirus @SoulFly @Gyulavokcs @Ragnar HHMC|Polenta|Prez HHMC|Kotaka|M
    Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/NP2Cyj8

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    Participants: HHMC|Kotaka|M HHMC|Kossmos HHMC|Wnkemils HHMC|LORgamstein HHMC|Polenta|Prez
    ScreenShots: https://imgur.com/a/E9g3ZVI

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    RolePlay #4
    Story: I was at the base with my brothers in our village it was quiet and peaceful while I was picking up a box full of drugs I turned around and saw a patrol shoot us then he approached and took out his mudguard then we raised our hands but we were not scared and immediately took out and we shot him and then drove him to a nearby forest and buried him so no one understood
    Participants: HHMC|Polenta|Prez HHMC|Kotaka|M HHMC|Kossmos HHMC|Wnkemils HHMC|LORgamstein @SWID~
    Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/bC8a50j

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    Participants: HHMC|Kotaka|M -HHMC|Kossmos- HHMC|Wnkemils - HHMC|Polenta|Prez - HHMC|Hassan - HHMC|Fox|HQ
    Time Activity: (2019/10/18) At morning
    ScreenShots: Untitled.png

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    RolePlay #5
    Story: we were stealing motors from las venturas when i realized we didn't have alcohol and decided to call a friend who traded in alcohol and went to his base we talked and got whiskey brandy and vodka and then I had my money in my pocket but my money was gone we agreed to give it to him then we went to our warehouse, unloaded the cans of alcohol and then lit our bikes and went to give him the money and asked him if he needed something to tell us and from the hard work we were pretty hungry and went to eat one urger
    Participants: HHMC|Kotaka|M HHMC|Polenta|Prez @Greed
    Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/tMDAlr9

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    Event #1
    Event Type: Simon Says
    Event Prize: 1.000,0000
    LWS/ZIP: jojodb
    Event Winner: @GoldMine
    ScreenShots: https://imgur.com/a/FWRVhqA

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    RolePlay #6
    Fox and Kotaka going to los santos for spend money on drinks and women after a gain from the last mission, receive a call from Polenta our leader speaking who received unknown call, of an alleged criminal organization was arrested in los santos leaving the crowded place full of drugs.
    Participants: HHMC|Kotaka|RC HHMC|Fox|VP
    Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/cnpkuGg