Head Hunters MC
By Polentaa, in Gangs

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    Respect Is Earned Trust Is Gained Loyalty Is Returned
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    1990:The Begining
    in 1990, there was a guy named valentine in san fierro who always loved to drive his bike around town.He had a pretty good friend nikolai who lived in los santos he called valentine and asked him if he had time to jump to town because he got himself into trouble. Instantly Valentine started his motorcycle and went to Los Santos where he found his almost murdered friend immediately drove him to a hospital where he underwent 2 operations on his nose. After he was discharged from the hospital, Valentine immediately asked him who these were who they arrange it so he replies that they are local dealers in los santos. Valentin drives Nikolai home and then tells him that he goes to the store
    but he starts his motorcycle and goes to the ghetto in los santos where he shoots the three dealers who beat up nikolai after he returns home he immediately summons nikolai and tells him that he did this nonsense and should be covered in a nearby village after 6 months of searching police are unable to find valentine.
    1998:We grow up
    in 1998 when Valentine's Day is pure he calls Nicholas to drink at a bar away from Los Santos where they meet some bikers and they get inspired and want to be thrust then they create (HHMC) Head Hunters MC
    and started getting involved in kidnapping people restoring bikes and selling drugs in a deal for half a million nikolai transporting a truck full of cocaine where police grabbed Nikolai with a gun and tons of drugs and had to spend 30 years in prison but then HHMC grew and they were about 50 people, they go to jail and get their friend out and cover themselves in Las Venturas with plastic surgeries and fake documents and they are not found by the police
    2020:The story continue
    in 2020 the story continues HHMC are still in las venturas where they are renowned as one of the biggest drug barons in the country but compete with a lot of neighborhood gangs who want to prevent their club from developing but nikolay and valentine are combative in nature and do not give up they never continue to kidnap people and restore bikes, but most of all they look to be the first on the Valentine and Nicolai drug market to extend far beyond the country and open an alcohol factory where they also make a lot of money and continue to be on the top
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    We are Head Hunters MC and we have been involved in the sale, use and distribution of drugs in Red County and everywhere in the long run.
    we also have a factory where we produce illegal alcohol, which we then sell to local bands.
    we are also known as one of the biggest fighters in the country because we all train our bodies and we train wrestling and we know how to fight so if anyone in town or in the country has problems always knows they can count on HHMC
    most recently we are experienced mechanics and are engaged in repairing and restoring bikes because we are the best bikers in the country
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    Club Panel: Head_Hunters_MC
    Club Founder:Polenta
    Club Date Create: 9/13/2019
    Club Level: 0
    Club Allies: N/A
    Club Motto: Respect Is Earned Trust Is Gained Loyalty Is Returned
    Club Color: #0000
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    ( President ~ |Prez )

    LEVEL 4

    ~ Vice President ~ |Vice

    ~ Head Quarter ~ |HQ


    ~ Veteran ~ |VET
    ~ Sergeant at Arms ~ |SAA

    ~ Road Captain ~ |RC

    ~ Treasurer ~ |T

    ~ Member ~ |M

    ~ Prospect ~ |P
    Active-9 Inactive-0
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    Head Hunters MC Base !
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    Head Hunters MC Warehouse!
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    Have you ever been kicked/banned, if yes why?:
    How long have you played on SAES so far:
    Name your previous G/S/C:
    Reasons why you left/kicked:
    Tell something about yourself:
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