50.000.000$ Mapping contest

  • Hey everyone. Since our organisation, CripZ owns one of the biggest organisation base(yacht harbor/santa maria beach), We couldn't spend much effort while mapping the base at level 4. Aside the size, its also simple to enter our base, even by swimming. We thought while mapping the base, making it public would be better for us and for other players as well. But a few months ago we realized that was a mistake to make it public. Crashing planes, throwing grenades, its started to become really annoying. When we just saw an official squad member camping our spawn, arresting our members even without letting them take a step, we decided to change the mapping of the base. We want people to use our gates to enter, not planes or by swimming. Something like closed area besides the roleplay area. We also need new interior. It should inlude items which suits with our roles. For example, some drug stuff in a room, and other room including pieces of cars, tools to repair them and such.
    You can check our main topic to see our main roles.
    alt text

    So you aren't going to do it for free.Exterior interior's prize is 25.000.000$ and interior prize is 25.000.000$ .If you are planning to map our base please hit me on discord or forum message. Once you done with mapping send me screens of the base on discord then we will pick a winner.You got a week for it .Good luck to the people who wanna try and leave their sign on saes.

  • @zaza wanna me try ?? But i want leadership

  • count on me for map shadering once its mapped, dont charge anything

  • Sure We would like to see more people attend to the contest.