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    Welcome to The Strike Team Media Archive topic. In this topic we will share our roleplays, screenshots, videos, events and other things that related to TST. Also we are going to add all of the activities below this post. This post is only for information.

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    In this category, you can find our screenshots. Use the imgur.com for share your screenshots, also add some additional information with your screenshots. For example You were raiding SR with your squad mates, so add their names and add information if it was successfully done or what happened at the end.

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    In this category, you can find the all of the events that are made by TST. We hope that, you can enjoy while participate the events.

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    In this category, you can find everything related about the TST. For example you can check our trainings, our briefings etc.

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  • Event Type: 1vs1 Volleyball Nader

    LWS: Arma

    Prize: 1.000.000$

    Winner: Koko.

    = Screenshots =

  • Event type : Street Fight
    Prize : 2 Million
    Winner(s) : Muller
    Location : G6 Arena
    Screens : https://imgur.com/a/tYgwPcd

  • Event type : Fortnite
    Prize : 2 million
    Winner(s) : Evans
    Screen : https://imgur.com/a/Ftq458z

  • Event type : Hydra Shooter
    Prize : 1 million
    Winner(s) : ICE|Borindos|SGT
    Screen : https://imgur.com/a/UzSKhIk

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    Event type : Shamal Destruction
    Prize : 5.000.000$
    Winner(s) : CripZ>Harb
    Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/W0b1oIP

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  • Event type: Find My Toys.
    Prize : 1.500.000$
    Winner(s) : Strong,Quiezz&Vanja
    Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/5AMEIA6

  • Activity ~~ 12/06/2018

    Patrol - SR Raid - Activity: https://imgur.com/a/IahcjYl

  • Role-play name: “The Black Information”

    Attender: Nippy.

    Story: A Information was gain by our TST computers that a Black Currency has been obtained from the Radio Tower near TST base. Me and my helper Officer Nippy took the responsibility to over the black currency and change it into white. The money was succesfully overtaken and Transferred.

    Screens https://imgur.com/a/Fs5fOeb

  • Role-play Name: “Illegal Work site.”

    Attender: @Curvy

    Story: We were informed that a illegal construction was getting constructed and It was getting constructed on LV bayside. Me and my Member TST|Curvy Drived to the site and control the situation there and arrested the Suspects.

    Screens: https://imgur.com/a/C0GkQuR

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    @chemist said in The Blood Brothers MC Media Archive:

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    Roleplay ( Number ) 20

    Roleplay Title: The Big Delivery (With @FastYounq )

    Story: In the evening, We were transferring some alcohol like as always. But this one was a big delivery. Everything was prepared and went on the road. Some bastards had reported to the police that we were doing Alcoholic Delivery. For this reason, the police were ready and the police had pulled us over after a while. When the cops searched the unauthorized vehicle with alcohol, they decided to arrest our brothers. But of course, we were ready for this. We took our brothers out of their grasp in an unprepared moment. Then they took what they deserved.

    Screenshoot(s): https://imgur.com/a/js68VaB

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    RolePlay name: BBMC RoadTrip

    Attender: BBMC Members,E$O,Nicus,Apollo,Jonas

    Story: To make a BBMC roadtrip, he is looking for a protection team. TST is in communication to do this task.And the roadtrip starts.TST leads the convoy.And the convoy provides security.they are traveling safely in all cities in convoy.TST protects everything from all external threats.The roadtrip continues to be successful.And the roadtrip ends at the BBMC base.BBMC would like to thank us for doing this outstanding job.They say we do a very good job, and they will ask us for help in further jobs.

    Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/5CbbcHj
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    Event type : Chicken Nader
    Prize : 1.500.000
    Winner(s) : Raiden
    Location : Lv South
    Screens : https://imgur.com/a/RDk0mY4
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  • saesrpg.uk
    Attenders: @Rowdy35
    Explanation: After Rowdy was selected, He need some training for Perfect his basic skills and to correct his mistakes that he made in Tests.
    Screens: https://imgur.com/a/y12P1Z8

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    RolePlay name: Drug smuggler
    Attender:@chemist @SoulFly

    Story: I had a call from the police station.There was a drug dealer he was trying to sell some drugs to his customer. I was following a drug dealer .when he was selling drugs, I decided to follow him in secret way , and I followed him for a long time, and he talked to the phone and loaded his drugs into the car, and he went on his way . I followed him and I put them in the car, and I put them in jail.
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  • saesrpg.uk
    Event type : All vs All Box Event.
    Prize : 1 Million.
    Winner : Foreman_Astor
    Location : LS Gym.
    Screens : https://imgur.com/a/VOxRMmj

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    RolePlay name:House robbery

    Story: I had a call from the police station.A burglar to rob the house I went straight to the address. was trying to get in from the balcony of the house when he saw me, He saw me right away and he came in.I went right in I started to find him. and I saw him trying to open a safe. I told him to put his hands up.and I took him to the car.we went to the police station immediately and I put him in jail.
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