[ACCEPTED]JojoDb's Application for ZIP

  • ZIP

    Personal info
    Ingame name: JojoDb
    Account name: jojofromjory
    Real Name: Jonathan
    Age: 26
    Location: Melle, Belgium
    Languages: Dutch (mother tongue), English (professional), French (basic), German (notions)
    Work shoe size: 42

    When did you join SAES?
    Back in 2010, I was looking for some other games to play after spending a lot of time on games like World of Warcraft, Runescape, League,...
    I had always loved GTA San Andreas, but never played it online, so I joined an SAMP server on which I was part of a SWAT team.
    After a while, SAMP turned out to be quite laggy and as this bothered me a lot, I searched for alternatives and found MTA.
    I initially roamed around between servers but in 2011, I decided to dedicate my time to SAES. I freeroamed trying out several jobs without joining any C/S/G, until I became part of ALT.
    As an ALT member, I spent time on the server until 2014, when I took a 5 years break due to my real life job becoming a big priority in my life, during this break I rejoined for some days in 2015, but I never found time to genuinely join the server until 2019.
    In September 2019, I decided to make my return to SAES as I have more time available and as I am planning to keep coming back, so here I am.

    Are you/have you been part of any C/S/G?

    • ALT:
      ° As mentioned in the above answer, I've been part of ALT since 2011, I quickly became [ALT]JojoDb<AirM> (Air Mechanic)
      ° During my short return in 2015, I became honorary as [ALT]JojoDb<RED>
      ° At my return in 2019, I've become [ALT]JojoDb<P> (Pilot) but switched to [ALT]JojoDb<M> (Mechanic)
    • FBI:
      ° In 2019, I applied for FBI, I am currently probationary [FBI]JojoDb<SA> (Special Agent)

    Do you have building experience in SAES?
    I've only recently discovered the /construction panel, therefore I have not had a lot of opportunities to gain building experience.
    As soon as I discovered the construction panel, I did try building sceneries with the limited amount of 50 objects and I've shared some of these in the ZIP Discord.

    Why do you want to join ZIP?
    Back in 2011-2014, as an ALT member, I've hung out with Tilong, so I've seen him work on ZIP constructions.
    I was interested in doing this myself, but never got to apply for ZIP back then.
    Now that I have returned to SAES, I've joined the ZIP discord and found out how to use the /construction menu.
    Building stuff and being creative has always been part of me, as I work as a software engineer in real life.
    The desire to be creative has also been fulfilled in the past as I have played Minecraft for quite some years.
    ZIP seems like an enjoyable group filled with people that have a passion for building and creating the most wicked constructions that live up to their imaginations, while remaining professional and respectful.

    How do you think you can contribute to ZIP?
    I love challenges, so I always challenge myself to do things better and improve every time I do something.
    When building stuff in as a Civilian Worker, I've noticed that I always try to strive towards perfection (alignments, symmetry, shapes,...).
    I think striving to reach perfection is what makes a ZIP worker really great and will improve the quality of ZIP's constructions.

  • alt text
    Title: Ye olde scuffed inn
    Date: 10/09/2019
    Description: My first project ever, right after I discovered the /construction panel, I went to the construction site at South-East LV and started building. I created an inn which has been called "Ye olde scuffed inn" as this is a very basic inn in the middle of a desert.
    Ye olde scuffed inn 1

    Ye olde scuffed inn 2

  • alt text
    Title: Who trashed my front yard?
    Date: 10/09/2019
    Description: When trying out some of the available objects, I've created a composition that fits well in the scenery of a deserted area, the composition consists of an old construction trailer with some trash gathered throughout time in front of it.
    Who trashed my front yard 1

  • alt text
    Title: Deserted (definitely not a pun)
    Date: 11/09/2019
    Description: A small scenery showing an old artillery cannon in the desert. This cannon is surrounded by sand bags to protect the soldiers from incoming gunfire. To give the scenery a deserted look in a desert area, I've added some old cars and barrels.
    Deserted 1

    Deserted 2

  • alt text
    Title: The "50+" nightclub
    Date: 17/09/2019
    Description: I started building a nightclub, but due to the 50 objects limit, I couldn't add "50+" objects.. I had the intention to add standing tables in a square around a dancefloor in the middle of the club. I was also trying to make some kind of couch near the "stripper pole" (steel bar in this case). Unfortunately no ZIP or other workers were available, so I couldn't continue the building..

    I mainly created this project to learn align walls, add doors properly and stack objects while keeping them aligned.

    Great thanks to Latinoo for teaching me some tricks in order to do the alignments!

    Deserted 1

    Deserted 2

    Deserted 2

    Deserted 2

  • alt text
    Title: A worker's day
    Date: 18/09/2019
    Description: Just a small worker's site, with some building materials and a container office for the architects

    A workers day 1

    A workers day 2

  • alt text
    Title: ALT's new truck workplace
    Date: 18/09/2019 (ZIP activity by Stay)
    Description: ALT wanted to create a truck workplace near the oil refinery in Las Venturas, this way they can fix their trucks when they are shipping fuel. (created at Stay's LV Building Spot event)

    ALT workplace 1

    ALT workplace 2

    ALT workplace 3

  • alt text
    Title: Party with a view
    Date: 18/09/2019
    Description: Together with [TT]IceCold (a ZIP Worker), I have created a restaurant/bar in Whetstone. This building consists of a terrace, a rooftop bar and a club inside. We wanted to make good use of the view to give visitors of our bar a place to relax and enjoy some food and drinks!

    Party with a view 1

    Party with a view 2

    Party with a view 3

    Party with a viewe 4

    Party with a view 5

  • alt text
    Title: Chilling with simplicity
    Date: 19/09/2019
    Description: A quick small build, a relaxing place with a beautiful view, definitely what you want to see after a rough night!

    Chilling with simplicity 1

    Chilling with simplicity 2

  • alt text
    Title: Construction themed LMS
    Date: 22/09/2019
    Description: For an LMS event, I have created a small construction site scenery. This scenery contains some elements that can provide cover (boxes, toilets, containers,..) and still give some open space for gunfights. The area could be improved by adding certain plants or additonal stacks of boxes/concrete pipes/...

    Construction themed LMS1

    Construction themed LMS 2

    Construction themed LMS 3

    Construction themed LMS 4

  • alt text
    Title: Crude Oil Pump security
    Date: 23/09/2019
    Description: As criminality near Las Venturas increases, and gangs are gathering in Bone County frequently, it's important to protect the biggest source of income for our country. Therefore, I decided to start building basic defenses around the oil pumps of Bone County. I have only taken care of one pump, as I currently haven't gotten the government's permission to work near any of the other pumps so far.

    Crude Oil Pump security 1

    Crude Oil Pump security 2

  • alt text
    Title: Crude Oil Pump security (2.0)
    Date: 24/09/2019
    Description: As security demands increase quickly, I have called in the assistance of one of ZIP's finest architects, named @Stay . This architect has assisted me in increasing the durability of our defenses, hopefully the government will appreciate our efforts and will extend our contract!

    Crude Oil Pump security 2 1

    Crude Oil Pump security 2 2

    Crude Oil Pump security 2 3

    Crude Oil Pump security 2 4

  • alt text
    Title: ZIP Office
    Date: 28/09/2019 (ZIP building event with Dali & Sneijder)
    Description: A concept for a new ZIP office, this building has 2 floors of which the first level is a reception area where customers can take a seat and have a drink while waiting. The second floor is an office provided with all necessities in order to have a comfortable and productive work area!

    A big thanks to @Sneijder for helping me with the interior!

    ZIP Office 1

    ZIP Office 2

    ZIP Office 3

    ZIP Office 4

    ZIP Office 5

  • alt text
    Title: RP: Part 1 > Structures
    Date: 29/09/2019
    Participants: @Stay, @Hotfire & @Spicey (Skinner)
    Backstory: The governor of Red County has requested a bridge to be built across the river that runs next to Red County. Architect Stay and ZIP Construction and Planning has hired Hotfire, Spicey and myself to work on the foundations of this bridge.
    Planning meeting before the construction works:
    alt text

    Working on the foundations:
    alt text

    After the construction:
    alt text

    alt text

    An overview of the result:
    alt text

  • alt text
    Title: The Walking Dead
    Date: 29/09/2019 (LV build and chill)
    Description: San Andreas Studios have asked me to make them an abandoned city center scenery with trashed cars and some additional detailing. This scenery is for a low budget movie with a tight deadline, therefore I decided not to use a lot of fancy items but go for a rather rough look.

    The Walking Dead 1

    The Walking Dead 2

  • alt text

    You've been doing a great job so far and therefore we have decided that you may move on to the next stage.

    In this stage you will firstly need to create a blueprint by either using: blueprint maker , paint or any other program you prefer.

    As following you will need to build your created blueprint ingame with the public worker spawn. (Las Venturas -> Civillian -> Worker)

    Once both tasks are finished, please share them on your application topic.

    Make sure to include images and an description.

    (Don't forget to keep roleplaying in the meantime too.)

    Good luck.

    On behalf of ZIP HQ Team,

  • alt text
    Title: Stage 2: Small House
    Date: 06/10/2016
    Participants: @JojoDb, @ZeKing
    Backstory: As contractor for ZIP, I was asked to design a small house for a pair of newlyweds. The plot space is quite limited, so space efficiency was definitely a must-have. After several blueprints, we agreed on one of the suggested designs, which I have realized with the help of Supervisor ZeKing. The couple are hard working citizens of Los Santos, so they definitely required space to park both their car and van.

    Living room:
    Living room

    Living room to kitchen:
    Living room to kitchen


    Laundry room:
    Laundry room

    Carport and front house:
    Carport and front house

    Helicopter view 1:
    Helicopter view 1

    Helicopter view 2:
    Helicopter view 2

    Helicopter view 3:
    Helicopter view 3

    Helicopter view 4:
    Helicopter view 4

  • alt text
    Title: Ye Olde Hay Bale Inn
    Date: 09/10/2019
    Description: The latest country inn in town! Ye Olde Hay Bale Inn is now open for business!

    Ye Olde Hay Bale Inn 1

    Ye Olde Hay Bale Inn 2

    Ye Olde Hay Bale Inn 3

  • alt text
    Title: The Mysterious Pipe
    Date: 10/10/2019
    Description: I present to you, the new pipe system that will connect LS and LV! The government has not yet disclosed the purpose of this pipe, but critics say some of the green area in Red County might turn into an industrial area after seeing this new pipe being built. More news will follow!

    The Secret Pipe 1

    The Secret Pipe 2

    The Secret Pipe 3

  • alt text
    Title: Late night drinks
    Date: 12/10/2019
    Description: The best bar in town! Big thanks to @IceCold for the assistance (and @tatito for passing by)!

    Interior views:
    Late night drinks 1

    Late night drinks 2

    Late night drinks 3

    Late night drinks 4

    Helicopter view:
    Late night drinks 5

    Thank you @IceCold and thanks @tatito for coming by:
    Late night drinks 6

    Celebrating our successful build:
    Late night drinks 7