FoxZilla's Application for ZIP

  • PART 1 - Personal Information

    NickName: FoxZilla
    Username: mertt
    Real Name: Mert
    Gender: Male
    Age: I am 16 years old.
    Nationaly: Turkey
    Rate your english skills: 6/10
    Do you have discord: Yes
    Languages Spoken: Turkish, English
    Tell us something about yourself: Hello my name is Mert. I am 16 years old. I am started play with my brothers. Their nicknames are Enes and Death. They tought me. I have learned all rules so i am not breaking any rule. I like playing guitar and piano. And i like playing Basketball. My school started so i need to do my homeworks and i must study for university exam so sometimes can login too much.

    PART 2 - In-Game Information

    How long have you been playing on SAES:RPG ? : 8-9 years
    How active are you on SAES:RPG ? : 1-2 hours per day
    What's your current organization? and rank?:- I am not in any G/S/C but i am FOX wannabe
    Current group memberships:

    • San Andreas Police Academy - SAPA
    • 8th Street - 8TS

    Rate your Building Skills: 7.5/10
    Rate your RP skills: 6/10
    Your strengths: I am creative,helpful and i am good team mate.
    Your weakness: I dont know some build names (For example, i dont know ball name so i cant place it)

    PART 3 - ZIP and You

    Why do you want join ZIP? Because i like building and last times i am very bored from cop-crim sides so i want do something like building. I think its funny. I cant only play as a cop and this group is fantastic.
    Why we should accept you? Because i am active and i am helpful so i can help to SAES RPG players when i spawned as ZIP because sometimes players need ZIP for something (rps etc) and i get bored when I only play as a cop
    What can you bring to ZIP?: I am helpful and friendly so when someone needs help i will help to him/her so ZIP gets positive opinion from players.

  • Building 1
    Type Of Building: A Restaurant
    Date Of Creation: 17/09/2019
    Participants @IceCold
    Description: A small restaurant

  • Building 2
    Type Of Building: Chicken Shooter area
    Date Of Creation: 26/10/2019
    Participants N/A
    Description: i was need lws/g6 but they were busy then i made this area but i forgat to take pic before event so shared event pictures