• Hi, I'm here suggesting for SAES 11th rule to be edited, this is current rule:
    alt text
    I suggest to edit it a little, only cops and criminals are involved in this rule. Civilian role should be ignored because they dont give any harm if they are camping there, example: I spawn as Reporter, I also dont have star (not wanted) I just camping there to get some money by taking other player picture. I dont see anything wrong or abusing here... I hope this suggestion will be considered and accepted by GM team.
    Thanks for sparing your time by reading my suggestion... 😉

  • Makes sense. Though, hospital area could also have restriction from any damage, so entire rule could be removed. Make it so once you leave the area and come back in it, restriction from damage doesn't apply to you, to prevent avoiding arrest in this way.

  • Generally speaking most admins apply common sense and would not punish a civilian for afking at a hospital or performing their role whatever it may be. The rule applies almost exclusively to police officers who intend to camp the hospital for arrests -- criminals are discouraged from camping though rarely anything is done to them (i.e. those killing each other for fun) until it gets out of hand or third parties get affected (those who dont wish to participate getting damaged etc.)

  • @Teddy I just want to confirm that, if it dont apply for civ role then it clear... And I think criminal role should be allowed too because everyone know their only reason for camping the was dming for fun, like you said unless it got out of control like involving other player that spawn there too

  • as Teddy explained we use common sense in applying the rules. can't have a rulebook that covers all possible scenarios in full details unless we'll have a 300 page rules book.
    as long as the civ is not camping there to take part in a DM fiesta or annoy/abuse anyone then it's ok for him to stay there (like the example you made, a reporter)