iBowOP's Ban Appeal

  • Nickname: iAcez
    Username: JudeObiasca
    Ban Date: like 2 or 1 months ago i forgot
    Banned By: @Bone
    Your MTA:SA serial: D08FD416984AF0488E4576572BD430F4
    Ban Reason: Multi-Accounting / Having bipolar issue and identity crisis
    Why should we unban you?: This is the time. this is the very first time i reveal my own secret and my very first lie in the world. i admit that im a good person in real life but in games im a bit bad. you guys should unban me because i know that i multi-account and i did some bad things a nd i broke the goldenrule. called "NO MULTI-ACCOUNTING" yeah i knew it but i tried. i did multi-accounting because i got so many bad reputations in forums and ingames. i only have like 5-10 reputation all of it is by my friends. i admit that i multi-account and i broke some rules like dont dm another players. a big sorry about that. now it's time to admit it. and it's time to apologize to you. please give me one more chance and i will try to change my attitude. i will not multiaccount again. and if i have bad reputation i ca n fix it. i remember when my mom says "a problem can get be solved by talking each other" i will not annoy players again , i will respect them all and the one thing is. i will not multiaccount again. i promise. if i did ban me forever. "marsheyieeee" is the account of my sister and "theclub" and "JudeObiasca" is account of mine and "wkwk" is account of mine too when my account was got hacked. i lost my all cars/moneys.
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  • Banned by @Bone "Having bipolar issue and identity crisis"

  • have you sorted out your identity crisis yet ?

  • @Bone said in iBowOP's Ban Appeal:

    have you sorted out your identity crisis yet ?

    sorry for late reply i was busy in school tho, yes i did. it was JudeObiasca, theclub, Marshyier and wkwk

  • if you are to be unbanned, on which account are you going to play at ?

  • @Bone i will choose JudeObiasca but can i changepass and and can i request , what email did i putten there? , i forgot it please , tell me in pm please. 😢

  • Afaik if you can't remember the credentials of your account either think hard or consider your account being lost, assuming that shouldn't be a problem knowing you have serval other accounts so which other account wil it be if you can't recover the Jude account

  • @Bone whatabout tjeclub my real account. i think i know its email.