Ingame Name: Markus
Account Name: kalevipoeg
Age: 15
Nationality: Estonian
Primary Language: Estonian
Other Languages you speak: English & Shitty Russian


First Name: Calvin
Surname: N/A
Any Middle names: Perez
Age: 25
DOB: (DD/MM/YY) 02/09/1995
Sex: Male

Are you a citizen of the USA: Yes
Were you born in the USA: No
Previous Convictions: Speeding Ticket

Short backstory (500 words max):

Calvin Perez was born in Colombia. His mother was a Doctor and father a Politic for the Colombian Government. He also had 1 brother but his life wasn't that bright as he died at the age of 16 due to a gang-shoot out. He was affiliated with the local gang named Colombian X.

Due to his brother's death, he finished High School and went straight to the Police Academy of Colombia because he didn't want to follow in his footsteps but rather make him proud. He passed and got his Diploma which means he became a full-time Police Officer. After several years of serving in the Department. He was assigned by the Homeland Security to some mental and physical tests because they were interested in recruiting him into the Unit due to his unique work and skills.

He passed everything but had trouble with some mental parts. He was just an Agent for about 1 year and after that, he was assigned to the Counter Terrorist Unit which he later became the Supervisor of it.

After the fall of the Colombian Government, Calvin's family escaped to the United States of America and they got their citizenship test right away to the High Education of the Mother and the rank of the Father had in the Columbian Government.

Father became apart of the Government again and mother opened her own little clinic which eventually turned into a Hospital. Calvin started serving in the Police Department of Los Santos and now is looking for new challenges in San Andreas.


How long have you been playing MTA: Don't know, 3 years?
How long have you been playing SAES: RPG: 2 years.
Group memberships: OB, TMH, SAM, SAI, RadioSA, Izangi Clan, Lounge INC,
Previous bans or admin jails: Banned previously by Nanobob for bug abusing and have had adminjails in the past but not in the present.
Why do you wish to join the SSCS: Because I am interested in taking apart of the SS Operations rather than the Government as I've served as a Department Leader in the past.
Why should we accept you: I could bring quality RPs and generally a fun lad. I tend to get angry sometimes but I try to keep it for myself rather than express it out on others.