Zeitan Bigoviç's application (Zei) [DENIED]


    Ingame Name: Zei
    Account Name: ahmed007007
    Age: 16
    Nationality: Tunisian
    Primary Language: Arabic
    Other Languages you speak: English, french, a bit of german


    First Name: Zeitan
    Surname: Bigoviç
    Any Middle names: N/A
    Age: 23
    DOB: (DD/MM/YY) 09/12/1996
    Sex: Male

    Are you a citizen of the USA: Yes
    Were you born in the USA: No, in ukraine
    Previous Convictions: N/A

    Short backstory (500 words max):
    It all started in ukraine, its capital "kiev" where Zeitan's dad was shot by some russian mafia, and the main reason was the affiliation of his dad in the "kgb" so for their security the kgb used their contacts and the help of the U.S Government to emigrate them to the USA. And start a whole new life. Zeitan was 16 when he landed in the USA, he continued his studies to become an undercover cop. He has worked with many cases that contained, assaination, drugs smuggling and gang wars. He decided to join the SSCS and benifit them with his knowledge and skills about the russian mafias that may thretean the security of the U.S . His main goal now is to join this unit and gather the much possible infos about the rrason of his father's death and then give it to the SS so they can deal with it and also use his skills to spy on the Russian government which is the main rival of the USA


    How long have you been playing MTA: 3 years
    How long have you been playing SAES: RPG: 2 years
    Group memberships:

    • CC
    • SAFD

    Previous bans or admin jails: N/A
    Why do you wish to join the SSCS:
    I Was, and I'm still intrested in joining the SS and I found the SSCS the best way to do it as you can practice the RP of the SS in it and aquire more knowledge about it.
    Why should we accept you:
    I'm a respectful player that have a good experience in roleplaying in team working, so i could share my knowledge with the other members. Also my interest in joining the SS will make me hustle and be active as much as I can to give my best.

  • [DENIED]

    Dear Zeitan Bigoviç,

    Your application has unfortunately been denied. You are eligible to re-apply in 3 weeks from the date this response was posted.

    Michael Payne
    Civilian Support Manager
    Secret Service Civilian Support