John Riley's Application (Wickness) [DENIED]


    Ingame: Wickness
    Account Name: Wickness
    Age: 18
    Nationality: Turkish
    Primary Language: Turkish
    Other Languages you speak: English


    First Name: John
    Surname: Riley
    Any Middle names:
    Age: 28
    DOB: (DD/MM/YY) 04/05/1991
    Sex: Male

    Are you a citizen of the USA: Yes I am.
    Were you born in the USA: Yes, I was born in New York.
    Previous Convictions: None

    Short backstory (500 words max): John Riley was born in New York on May 1991. He was a successful student at high school. He started Community College after the high school. He had some friends who were calling him in order to protest the government multiple times. He was attending to the protests. He changed his side because his family was killed by protesters. Finally he noticed that they are not protesting the government, they want to kill everyone who is with the government which means they were terrorists. He wanted to work for the government and clean up the country from terrorists that pretend to be "protesters". He was making researches to find the next protest attempts, changing his appearence and attending in order to kill some of them quietly. The FBI has noticed him and contacted him. He has been given some private missions by the FBI HQ to take some people out for government benefits. He has killed multiple people for this duty.


    How long have you been playing MTA: I've been playing MTA since 2011.
    How long have you been playing SAES: RPG: I've been playing SAES since 2016
    Group memberships: FBI
    Previous bans or admin jails: -
    Why do you wish to join the SSCS: I'd like to join because I love government roleplays, I've attended to some government events before. My main intention is to get into the SS though, that's why I will do my duty perfectly in SSCS.
    Why should we accept you: I don't know if you have noticed it but I've been waiting for this for weeks. I was attending to the government roleplays/events as a Lawyer of Alex Smith (Government Staff). You should accept me because I am willing to do my duty perfectly.

  • [DENIED]

    Dear John Riley,

    Your application has unfortunately been denied. You are eligible to re-apply in 3 weeks from the date this response was posted.

    Michael Payne
    Civilian Support Manager
    Secret Service Civilian Support