Reporting Sam for an unfair Adminjail.

  • I will tell the whole story from my side then I will say why I think that it was unfair.
    So, it was like 08:30 PM, I finished having dinner and I came back in-game and removed my AFK tag. I saw on the radio that someone is reporting a possible BR in LS Bank. So I immediately responded and I found out that the trainees and squad members (SWAT, FBI, FOX and other SAFPs) have already finished the job and got the bank's interior under control. After leaving the bank, I hanged a little in LS with @Joshbond and @Raf0 for like 3-5 mins then we went to check the LS Jail, it was clear. After that, we received another call about crims being spotted on the top of the LS bank, cops responded and cleared the scene. Then again outside the bank, we went down and got it under control. Finally, someone reported a huge number of CripZ entering the LS Bank. I got someone arrested inside it who was not CripZ. But when we got rid of everyone else and were about to get rid of CripZ too, we noticed that all of them were not wanted. About 8 CripZ didn't have a single star. Cops there were surprised and laughing how they were organized in 1 lane "pretending to do banking stuff, depositing and withdrawing money". Sadly I didn't take any SS but I actually found it in the memes topic. ( )

    alt text

    Me and some other cops tried to force them to get out, so we decided to troll and annoy them with our nightsticks, it didn't deal any damage since they weren't wanted and we didn't last 10 seconds. The admin was inside the bank (I guess he was spawned as FOX) and he didn't say anything about that. But after that I threw 1 flashbang. And 10-15 seconds later, BOOM, I got adminjailed for "Abusing flashbang".
    I really lack proof and I don't have many screenshots, I'm not used to take ss / record my game like some players do because I didn't expect that adminjail.

    alt text

    I admit that me and @Joshbond started annoying him on the mainchat claiming that I didn't break any rule and that it's not a reason to get an adminjail. But I'm also 100% sure that the adminjail was unfair. I'm not going to say that the rules don't consider throwing 1 flashbang randomly as abuse, because that sounds stupid. But I will mention what the SAES rule actually says about abusing:
    alt text
    I copied that rule from here:

    So let's see what's wrong:

    • EXCESSIVE abuse will be penalised.
      -> I don't think that throwing 1 flashbang is "excessive abusing" (By the way, Sam also mentioned that the logs recorded two, yes, that's because of the new cooldown. And the second one was a misclick, I didn't want to abuse in anyway.) So, for me, that's a rulebreak by the admin for an unfair adminjail.
    • Do not overtly bully or harass other players.
      -> I didn't bully or harass the CripZ members in any way.
    • You will be warned before being punished.
      -> And that's the second important thing, I didn't get any verbal warning before the adminjail, so this is the 2nd rule to break.
    • This rule goes twice for Staff/Admin you verbally abuse for fulfilling their duties.
      -> I claimed that I only wanted to hear one F1 rule I broke, and then I got muted by Magnus for 20 mins. But I don't care about this one, you may consider it as a rulebreak, doesn't matter.

    That's all what I wanted to mention. For the witnesses, I remember some cops who were inside the bank. Contact me on private and I'll tell their names. also the CripZ members names are clear on the SS. From SAFP, there was @Joshbond who was defending me, and also @Raf0 .


  • Hey Shadro,

    Rule #5 refers to verbal abuse, not abuse of in-game mechanics, this is covered by rule #3, rule #9 etc.

    Therefore your breakdown on why you didn't break the rule around abuse would be somewhat void - as that's not the reason you seem to have been jailed.

    In your report you admit to hitting players with your nightstick and 'trolling' them as you put it.

    You have also said you threw a flashbang in a bank full of players who you knew were not wanted, and you did so twice - with the second being a misclick.

    This would fall under the following rule/guideline;

    alt text

    With this in mind, would you argue that your actions of hitting unwanted players with your nightstick and throwing a flashbang into a group of players you know not to be wanted is not "interfering with other users gameplay in a negative way, which is not an intended part of the game"

    From our perspective, flashbangs were not added with the intention to use or harass unwanted criminals with them.

    The nightstick was also not added to be used to beat unwanted criminals.

    Before going forward I'd like to hear your defense for the rule/guideline you actually were found in breach of.


  • Hey @Daryl,

    • Rule #3 and rule #9 seem to be about abusing stuff like animations and cheats in order to get an advantage over your opponent. However if I throw 1 flashbang in the middle of a bunch of unwanted criminals, I'm only losing my equipment. So you still didn't prove that I'm "abusing flashbang" and this I still consider this adminjail an unfair one. So please, don't mix things up.
    • Yes, I admit that I'm hitting players with my nightstick, so what? Criminals have been trying to get into the LS bank for 10 mins and 8 CripZ members joined in a row. I mean, did they come to serve tea? No, but to confuse us a little then shoot us. I was hitting them when they had zero stars for a very short period of time as a "warning" for them to leave the bank. That doesn't have anything to do anyway with my report or my adminjail since it all happened in front of Sam and he didn't mention that in the adminjail reason.
    • As I said above, the flashbang was a warning too for them to leave the bank as it was 1000% obvious that they will attack back.
    • This is an RPG server right? In real life, if civilians try to penetrate in a bank which is about to get robbed, police forces will try to defend, use tear gas and batons in order to stop these "rebels".
    • "interfering with other users gameplay in a negative way." I don't see where the negative thing is, both nightstick and flashbang are not lethal tools, it's just like tasing someone who is unwanted, it can be even taken as a joke. An adminjail is too much for this, even if you believe that it is abusing.


  • Hey,

    If you fail to see why hitting unwanted criminals with a nightstick and throwing multiple flashbangs at them is not "interfering with other users gameplay in a negative way" then there is no necessity to continue this conversation, as that is very clearly an action which falls within the quoted rule.

    On the whole while you are entitle to take issue with or debate the severity of punishment you received, what you did was clearly not the correct thing to do.

    The one take away from this is that the term "abusing" is applied over-liberally and should not of been used in your reason for adminjailing. This of course does not however undermine the legitimacy of the punishment.

    After discussing this within the community staff leadership team we consider this case closed, with no reprimand being given.

    I appreciate the time you took to make this report and the candor you did it with.