Add the Katana back!

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    Re - add the Katana !

    While many weapons are disallowed for obtainment as a player, I do find the Katana to be unjustly treated, It indeed has an ability to insta-kill people however triggering that ability is outweighed by it's cons.

    To insta-kill with a katana you need to attack a player in punching distance with a certain slice at a certain angle of the back to instantly kill the player. Now I do agree that this is overpowered but it is also hard to achieve, for example you can only perform this on a guy that's super still and dumb or is willing to die.

    Killing with the Katana is not an OP feature, performing the kill requires effort, which takes time, time in which someone can easily draw away from you and gun you down, trust me it's not that easy to have someone jump into your face and start slashing a sword which not only makes you completely open to fire but also stops your movement. Katanas can also be added at a good price at gunshops/melee weapon sellers for like $8000 to prevent overuse

    Adding the Katana back will include fun Katana 1 v 1 Events or Duals which are highly fun and utilize the Insta-kill feature, it also requires skill and is a cool type of event, it will give the LWS guys one more thing to do, not to mention Air Katana Duels or other events which are possible! Adding the Katana will also help unofficial and soon to come groups which will be based around it, it's an amazing weapon that isn't even overpowered, someone can just draw a CS, start walking away and gun you down in a matter of seconds!! IT is NOT overpowered.

    Moreover if people agree with me that Katanas are good enough to be added and still underpowered, a bullet block/deflect feature can also be added which deflects any bullets shot above the crotch at a person who is blocking through the katana, now of course someone can just close the distance and circle kill him with an uzi or a sawed off or another person can snipe/shoot him from behind, it will give the weapon a fun use!

    Please leave your feedback below, I look forward to Katana Duels if you guys agree!

    - JE

  • Damn i miss the katana. Rember it back in the day. Fun and good to use AF

  • Add it, it's not that much of an OP weapon, could be a fun weapon to use in turfs too

  • "Come 1v1 katana noob" saes 2k20

  • My profile picture approves

  • Besides the PVP aspect of the weapon, I think it's a great symbolic tool for, for example, Yakuza and Japanese clans groups.

  • Remove the instakill ability and scrap the bullet deflect idea (honestly that would be way too OP against a single person) and I don't see a problem

  • I Agree

  • Anyone who things the instakill on kantana is OP never used one and never had the frustration of it not working when you need it ­čś×

  • I would like to see 1vs1 Katana events

  • Most of the instakills with melee aren't overpowered, only in bankrobberies/jailbreaks in small corridors, even then you'll only get one and rambo fucks u up

  • the majority has voted yes

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  • This reminding me to "ninjatown" cheat

    its not op at all, awesome weapon missed here completly. as ikzelf said, instakill happensnalmost never & cant controlle it.
    -against cops its shit cuz u get ramboed instantly, katana vs black dildo = black dildo wins
    -against other gangs without katana in lets say turfwars/gangrobs its shit aswell, combatshotgun kils u before u even reach one hit the guy you try to kill

    -awesome for 1vs1/2vs2/all vs all events
    -awesome for trolls
    -awesome cuz its a fking katana

    i see no overpowering in katana & not even one reason why it shouldnt be added, or anyone can give just one reason why not?


  • Guess the problem comes when it can kill an invisible player like lws and admin spawns

  • @bazuka36
    well, thats not really an problem because lws are the ones deciding wich guns allowed/disallowed + can kick this player before he even reach the instakill, same as adminslaps + adminpunish for dm
    & clo can headshot lws too (earlyer admins aswell) & even normal spawn can kill lws with nade + cshotgun or 2 cshotgun players at once
    but anyway this would be rare cases wich can be handled with like above said

  • @bazuka36 won't happen. The damage prevention script for admins and Lws prevents that. Its not sure to kill like the knife.

  • agree

  • bumb!

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