Expand the "unrestricted area" by adding a teleporter

  • Currently the "unrestricted area" aka DMing zone only includes that de_dust map thing (which is very nice by the way)

    So I thought to myself: To prevent cops disrupting duels in ghosttown, to prevent hospital Dming, and other things, the DM zone could be enhanced by simply adding a teleporter which you can use to get to different, pre-set places on the map (ghost town, the forest at Mt Chiliad, bla bla etc etc).
    That way the people having fun killing each other won't be disturbed and neither will they disturb people who are just passing by

  • Dope idea, maybe a poll?

  • A poll won't help much if nobody scripts it. Besides, there is hardly any reason not to add it unless you people can come up with something

  • At first, I thought you wanted to make a dimension for Ghost town fighters etc, so they wouldn't be interupted. For example they can enter a marker to get teleported to a private area (LWS dimension or something).

    But after reading it again, are you suggesting a teleport system? Get in a marker and get out in the same dimension and be somewhere else?

  • Well, as any other player, after reading the word "DM", I get excited.

    At first, I liked the idea, but after thinking about it, I started having some good amount of doubts about it.

    First of all, to increase the "legal" DM, the wars between DE and CLO & SAP could be more frequent, as in this way, the criminals and the cops can decide which side they'd like to support, thus, they'll be able to DM.

    As for what has been suggested, well, in my opinion, it could be abused in a really easy way. For example, I'm getting chased by cops, I manage to somewhat escape, but a sI perfectly know that they will come again, I can teleport in the GT for example, as there, a few buddies could wait for me there, so they can easily help me taking down the cops.

    So, without the need of some additional scripting, we can work on more efrequent war conflicts where, as I stated, the players can choose a side, wear some tags and fight.
    There are a lot places to fight in, that are far away from the big cities, so the partipicants in the wars won't disturb the players that wouldn't like to get involved. Whestone & MC, Bone County, Tierra Robada, Red County... once again, there are some great places to fight in.

  • @Kain and why not bringing back markers in those maps ?

  • I wouldn't mind this. You should, however, not be able to enter the teleporter whilst being wanted to prevent abuse.

  • @Howlze so... what's the point of having a dm area if you cannot re-enter once you die after getting stars? Omegalul.

    However, adding a tp delay just like F1 I'm stuck for wanted people could help

  • @Licano Because you script it so you don't get stars within that dimension?