Roadsters of San Andreas
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    We were just four fellows who had an affinity for fast driving. However money had to be earnt by delivering cargo for a Las Venturas transporter business. The owner was a schmuck and didn’t like us speeding while delivering cargo. He didn’t have faith in our abilities and thus was unable to realize the potential profit from our stunt driving. Through our driving distances could shortened and delivery time reduced. Meaning more tosh for the business. So we ditched this maggot and our own friggin’ business. This is us delivering your shit – Roadsters of San Andreas...

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    We transport anything to anywhere. That is our main role. It doesn't matter if it is legal or illegal - RSA doesn't have problems with dealing with cops. We also do stunt jumps. All our members are trained to escape from cops if it is required. Transporting is very dangerous, especially when we are transporting illegal material. All our members are treated equally, regardless of their rank, but they must still listen to higher ranks.
    Besides transporting goods, we also hold races. There are various ways to race, but the three which we like the most are circuit, sprint and drag racing. Circuit race has repeated route, meaning race with laps. Sprint is basically a race from one point to another, meaning start and finish, while in circuit start is also the finish. Last but not least drag race – race on straightish route which tests the driver’s maneuvering skills on high speeds. We do these both in casual situations and official events, which we organize.
    Stunt jumps
    There’s also an additional race type called stunt racing. It can be either circuit or sprint, but also involves stunts during the route. Stunts are important in our business and so we put a lot of effort in training ourselves in using all manners of stunts. Besides using stunts during racing we also conduct stunt trials, which is basically a daring or a challenge to perform successful stunts. Roadsters of San Andreas also casually search for newer and more efficient stunts for either better transporting, racing or ever newer challenging jumps for the trial challenges.

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    Group name: Roadsters of San Andreas
    Group tag: Name[RSA] or [RSA]Name for activities
    Motto: "To your home, no detour."
    Head Roadsters: miKu ( @trucker ), Zoom-In ( @Zoom-In ), NubBob ( @NubBob ), IceCold ( @IceCold )
    Vice Roadsters: ChasinTLSN ( @ChasinTLSN )
    Headquarters: Yank ( @Rajan ), MidaVittu ( ? ), Goodie ( @TaaviLaudur )
    Member Amount: 9
    Color Code: #EF1E1E

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    Head Roadsters: These are the ones who lead the group. They have full access to the group and they may command anyone in the group, but decisions must be made together.
    Vice Roadsters: They are the second in command for the group. They have full authorization if no Head Roadsters are online.
    Headquarters: Headquarters is the first rank what can authorize a transportation mission. They may command anyone below the rank "Headquarters", but only with a Vice Roadster's permission. Though, they may command probation members.
    Senior Roadsters: Senior Roadsters may not command anyone, but they are the most skilled drivers. They can easily escape from cops and they won't hesitate to open fire.
    Roadsters: They have proven themselves and now are a full member of the group.
    Probation Roadsters: Congrulations, you have passed the application progress. But this is not the end. You must pass the probation period or you will be kicked from the group.

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    RSA Base (owned by Zoom-In)

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    Head Roadsters: miKu, Zoom-In, Nubbob, IceCold

    Vice Roadsters: ChasinTLSN

    Headquarters: Yank, MidaVittu, TaaviLaudur

    Senior Roadsters:

    Roadsters: Hammer

    Probation Roadsters:

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    Ingame name:
    Account name:
    Have you ever been adminjailed or banned?:
    Previous gangs/squads/companies?:
    Why did you leave them?:
    Why do you want to join Roadsters of San Andreas and why would we accept you?:

  • Ingame name:Hammer
    Account name:skyteo
    Have you ever been adminjailed or banned?: banned 1 time was by wrong that's the guy was using my nick and doing shits with it
    Previous gangs/squads/companies?:N/A
    Why did you leave them?N/A:
    Why do you want to join Roadsters of San Andreas and why would we accept you?:I can help in a lot of things and what they need

  • @Hammer PENDING, meet any Headquarter+ for your test.

  • Tested and invited, welcome.

  • GL Blyatka

  • ..

  • @kiroa6ko said in Roadsters of San Andreas:

    Ingame name:KiroSa
    Account name:MalikVx
    Have you ever been adminjailed or banned?: admin jailed yes banned nope
    Previous gangs/squads/companies?: BBMC VLA ICE
    Why did you leave them?:i left BBMC cz there was a lot of Turkey players and they cant spek english so i cant contact with them ... VLA (RIP) .... ICE cz of James and Sam bad they invite anyone
    Why do you want to join Roadsters of San Andreas and why would we accept you?:i wold like to join RSA cz i need to use my skills at RP to have fun with mates to show my self btw the others and i think that RSA have a good future / well im Active for 6/7 h per day i've good skills at RP and others things i can be helpfull

    Contact me ingame for your test, english is not too good but nobody is perfect. PENDING.