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    ---> • I received a warning from TuT 'for park arrest', there is only a problem. I did not park any car at that time, more! It was the player '' Artic was the driver of the vehicle, which can be seen on the video. This is his car. '' His fate in his hands ''. The player shot at me and the policeman, who can be seen on the video. Then he got into the car and started running away. We shot at the vehicle and the Artic player jumped out. What should we do in the opinion of TUT '' move the vehicle away and let him leave '' I did not fall from the 10th floor of a tower block to let the criminal who was shooting at me kill. - I will let him leave and he will kill me. - Great TuT idea! ... 1. This is not my vehicle. 2. Everyone is responsible for their decisions, nobody told him to jump out and block under the car. 3. I was not a driver only player Artic . I am reminded of the situation when TuT wanted to give me a warning for having crossed the player. Yes ... only this player stood between Ls and LV on the main street and it was impossible to pass him. In this case, what was I supposed to do? '' We recognize that like a criminal, he crashes a Policeman with his vehicle. '' And other criminal at that time shoot. ''This is not breaking the rules'' i try report it x 5 in my live). But catching a criminal. who shot the policemen and then went under his own car, is it already? -
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    ---> • There should still be a topic in the old forum. 2 years ago it was considered a '' not breaking the rules '', and he did not change:) ... If I broke it and such a thing could have been on the server, then any criminal after shooting a policeman could hide in his own car, unpunished and safe.

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    ---> • What do I expect? To remove my warning. That some Administrator would dedicate their 15 minutes and write one and specific interpretation to the regulations.

  • i forgot to let you know that the warning was removed by Bone after i logged

    park arresting is allowed now by the looks of it

  • resolved