Arms and drug dealers suggestion

  • Hello,
    At the moment i jsut see class standard prices for drugs and arms.
    Why not make it so people have to work for cheaper prices?
    I.E arms for M4 are $13 - make it $30 then people have to make alot of deliveries and the more deliveries they do it does down for example after 100 deliveries it goes to $25
    after 2 months it resets so people dont just have the advantage is stay there,

    Instead of minus 1 say why its a minus 1

    Edit- Can some one move it to the suggestion feed of the forum? Thanks

  • I cant understand what you are saying, but if u trying to say to increase the arm/drug price I will disagree because price now is already expensive.

  • I would not touch the arms prices since "old" players a.k.a those who already has money enough to buy almost anything does not even need ammo's, because those people are mainly in squads / gangs. So only new players would have even harder to start the game.