Deathmatching Cops vs Crims

  • Introduction:

    Except Srs, jailbreaks and brs i wanted to find a new idea for the cops vs criminals fight so they can be able to dm more and make SAES players have more fun while doing the practical part of the RP concept
    Indeed I found an idea where cops can dm instead of using nightstick to arrest which is the way to arrest (and its a priveledge in SAES)

    The Concept:

    The Concept is too simple its about making a robberie where cops are supposed to raid and kill all criminals (they wont be able to arrest) and the last team to stand (cops or criminals) will be able to win an amount of me
    To make it easy, It will be an LMS between cops and criminals and majority staying wins money

    The Script Idea: (I wasnt able to make screens this time)

    1- An official gang member or official squad member can go to declare a raid or something

    2- Notification Bar will show adverts to criminals and cops so they come to the raid

    3- when the number of both sides is enought (its up to scripter and viewers to set the max number)

    4- Raid will start Criminals and cops should Dm each other until death again and again (info they can respawn and come)

    5- The idea can have two resulting ways

    • First one : The raid will be set to a time after the end of it

    if criminals number is largest than cops numbert
    then ''criminals get the money''
    if cops number is largest than criminals number
    then ''cops get the money''

    • Second one : We set a table of how much kills for both sides and the winner get the money

    6- The Raid will kill the other game modes of SAES if it become really quick to do (like Srs) so it will be set to a timetable like Brs abillity Indeed Squads or Official gangs will be able to do other activities like BRs and Turfs

    7- The amount of money should be big and fair to all participants because it will be lets say rare in comparison with the time (e.g: 1 every 8 hours so 500k everyone)

    Reasons Of The Idea

    I joined SAES community lately maybe and everything been set since years including the way SAES is having police arrest script with nightstick but cops are supressed when they want to dm in SRs, JBs and BRs to clean it
    So its something to make things equal between cop side and criminal side ; Infinity War

    Problems/inconvenient Of The Idea

    Its an awesome idea on the theritical side but when we practice it we will find some problems like :

    • Kids and newbies can start to friendly dm (cop vs cop / crim vs crim) so we can make friendly dm disable while the raid is on maybe
      to take the raid script to other SAES dimension.
    • The amount of people needed for a raid may take much time like PBRs
    • It wnt be easy to the old community who is almost taking the cop side due to inactivity to become a part of a deathmatching script
    • Last point where this to have a place, maybe a new mapping, i would make it but im currently studying LUA coding so i wont be
      able to have more time for such mapping
  • Nice idea but it makes no sense there is starwars already by just typing /starwars, alot of lms events etc. For me it makes no sense but this is only what I think.

  • @skerdi said in Deathmatching Cops vs Crims:

    Nice idea but it makes no sense there is starwars already by just typing /starwars, alot of lms events etc. For me it makes no sense but this is only what I think.

    It's way more different then the /starwars script and also, the /starwars gets enabled occasionally not all the time.

    Well for me, it's a unique idea and I'm fully supporting this. SAES DEV team can work on the idea by changing some parts of the script or doing an addition. +1 from me.

  • I don't really see a point in this. It's essentially an event.

    Yeah, it might add on to the server gameplay but.. Where did you see any police force that arrives to the scenary and instead of attempting any kind of interaction just enters a building kind of like the CIA, puts down every single living form inside and leaves.. The way I see this is just a typical event.

    The only probable reason this would make sense is if that would be performed by DE and CLO. Obviously the military rarelly bother to risk their lives by arresting someone, and instead prefer to clear out the building making it safer. Yeah, that it would make some sense, but still.. I think this is just more a topic for an event, rather then a regular script that would act like a robbery.

    Also about the raids, usually the squads can raid criminal bases, and there are certain rules for it, so I think this script has no place at all here.