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    Billiards game resource with a mapping included at Palomino Creek. The resource is ready, almost bug-free and about 20KB, I did some tweaks to the script and I'm looking forward to make it better too, apart from that I made this topic to know whether you guys would like to see this on the server or not, and please state why too.


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    • To reset pool tables you need to be next to them and do /tablereset 1 & /tablereset 2

    • To start a game simply walk next to a table and you will receive a pool stick

    • Aim with right click, move your mouse where you want and shoot with your left click

    • If ball entered = you will get a custom message (not decided yet which one)
      If ball did not enter = you won't get any message

    • Once a player enters all balls in holes a message will appear stating who won

    • There are 7 balls for each player (stripes & solids) and your goal is to make them all inside, being the black 8th ball the last one.

    Rules of the game:

    • The player that enters the black ball will generate a message stating he lost the game

    • If player enters the white ball this one will reappear for the other player and will have 2 shots

    • The first ball you hit (stripes or solids) will give you a message stating which ones you're playing

    • If you enter a ball that was not supposed to, bad luck, point for the other player

    • There are 2 tables and only 2 players are allowed per table, so wait till they are finished and don't bother them but also do not stay too long playing without letting others a chance.

    Known bugs/facts:

    • To play you should not come as cop unless you wanna lose the nightstick, it gets replaced for the pool stick and the same applies for any class with a white weapon

    • Sometimes after hitting a ball you might not be able to move, this can be solved by simply using the /stopanim command and you will be able to carry on, this might be fixed.

    Quick gameplay video:

    Sorry for the quality and lag — I will make a longer and better video soon, but please meanwhile give me feedback and any questions you're free to ask them.

  • This has potential...

  • What the actual fuck. This amazing! +111111111111111111111111111

  • This looks so dope!

  • This idea will fit well + i think we need some small gamemodes like that especially when you play with a group of friends

  • It's an interesting concept.. Might also be even more improved by adding a betting system, if two players play, the one that wins gets to keep the cash.

  • Nice idea combine, well done.

  • @StarWars Thanks for the suggestion, but I don't feel the script needs that, as I guess you can easily do the betting by talking with a trusted friend and coming to an agreement, and getting scammed by doing that would not be anyones problem but yours, the point on this is just pure fun, not a place to make money, and I would like to keep things this way.

    Also a small note, I will make the reset table feature so only the players that are playing for example 'table 1' will able to do the /tablereset 1 command as that keeps morons away from coming and fucking up the match which would be annoying, so the ones that are playing at the table are the ones to decide when resetting the balls back.

    And I will probably set a timer too because there's definitely gonna be the smart guy who keeps playing for too long and doesn't let others too.

    These are the output messages you would get as an example:

    alt text

  • @jesse420

    I made it clear on the topic.

  • Is the billiard table synced server side or client side?

  • @blade said in Billiards @ Palomino Creek:

    Is the billiard table synced server side or client side?

    Shared, so it's server-side.

  • i will probably be joinning the server only to play this since i dont have anything to do in the server, great idea 😃 🍾

  • wtf why isn't this already implemented ?

    when we were in Nanobob's Bar aka SoA, he had a pool table there. Too bad you didn't have this script so we can play. Instead all you had was shitty liquour and cheap cigars.

    make it happen @nanobob

  • make it happen looks amazing and entertaining

  • why was this never looked at, it looks amazing