[Introduction and Summary] (SUGGESTION)

Bayside Marina and other villages of the countryside of southern San Andreas have an absence of local authorities and emergency departments. Bayside is one of them and needs a police and coastal guard department. I have several ideas on how to do it and where to start.

[Development and initial locations.]

  • The police department should be far from the coast guard department.

  • The police department should have the same color as the San Fierro police department since they are in the same state and bay.

  • The coast guard department should have a leviathan helicopter, 2 predators and 5 Coast Guard boats according to this organized image. [SPOILER]

  • The bayside's Police Department should have
    --SF Police Cars
    -- 1 Police Maverick
    -- Predators only if the "Coast Guard predators are denied"
    -- Police Ranchers
    --and FBI Ranchers

NOTE: There are vehicle limits due to the reasons for the size of the construction as well as space available for the vehicles according to the images below this note

Links of the locations of each department [SPOILERS]

Department Structures

  • Each department should have its proper spawn. Each transport/emergency vehicle specific to his class. Constructions created for each department would be accepted even though it is recommended to use those that rockstar games had already created. There are many location-dependent alternatives to solve doubts and problems.