Desert Eagles ~ Siege

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    Siege is the very first SAES:RPG event that will be hosted by Desert Eagles. Siege can be compared to Cuban Liberation Organisation's Clan Wars event, but with a different rule set. Instead of being more of "best gang/squad in wars", our event is focused more towards tactics in attacking and defending a building.


    Siege is classical 5v5 battle between attacking and defending team. One team will be defending a bomb site (a vehicle within the building) while the other team has to plant the bomb, by entrying a vehicle inside the bomb site and leaving the engine open. If the engine hasn't been turned off in 45 seconds, the attacking team wins. If defenders get inside the bike and turn off the engine, defending team wins and so on. Rounds will be best of five, and the sides will be changed on each round.

    We've constructed using ZIP Panel, while the other team has to defend the building. We have constructed few different maps to play on, and all of them are different. They have different rooms, different entries and different hatches to shoot from.

    I've had to do some balancing to make it equal for both side, so the rules will be listed in the spoiler below:

    Also those who want a prize, we haven't yet decided on what the prize for the winning teams are. More of that will be informed later.



    There's multiple ways of winning, so let me list them all for both sides.




    To take part of the Siege events, please fill the application below. Please note that applications are closed until 30.8.2019, as we're still waiting on few maps and balancing the modes out, and making adjustments to make it as fun as it could be. Participating is completely free, and we'll be willing to take donations which we'll be adding up into the winning prize. **Everyone is allowed to participate, CLO's, Gangs and squads.

    (Thanks for @DyamDouglas for the art!)

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  • Sounds fun.

    Btw, when hls rp @Bunny ?

  • Team Name: TeamAq
    Participants: Hari, Ment, Hrl, Petrow, xPooks, Lincoln
    Account names of participants:

    • Hari = Dopehari
    • Ment = EmirhanPolat
    • Hrl = Hrl132
    • xPooks = chadi147
    • Petrow = Presko99
    • Lincoln = Abdivdbf

    Optimal timezone for your team to play: BST

  • Bumbing this. We're now taking team applications!

  • Bumbing this once more. If no interest in shown, we'll scrap this idea and turn it into something else