• @FoxZilla excuse me but how long have you been playin this server amk? There was no “killing arrest” and cops could stop the jailbreak. Why they can’t now? Can you please talk a bit logical amk?

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    Extremely right...

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    @DROT This is a RPG server and criminals know how to hold a bar so this script should added to criminals...

    Surely those same criminals also know how to use a taser and rubber bullets shotgun. They know how to drive cars too, police vehicles are cars. Certainly they know how to press a button to speak on the radio too. Pretty sure they'd know how to pull a bulletproof vest on too.

    I could go on forever, listing what every person with two living brain cells could realistically do. Yes this is an RPG server, which means that you are playing a role. It doesn't mean that the experience is similar to real life. At some point you need to draw a line and focus on gameplay balance rather than realism.

    Althought you're right on the second part, the first makes no sense at all. Cargrab is not something that would be "rare" to see and I highly doubt it would affect the police side at all, since is has pretty much the same effect as glueing on a picador. If you're so afraid of cargrabbing may be used for teleporting, it's as easy as reducing the range you can do it.

  • If the problem is people gluing to moving vehicles to avoid cops make it like eject where the car needs to be stoped in order to grab on to said vehicle

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    If you're so afraid of cargrabbing may be used for teleporting, it's as easy as reducing the range you can do it.

    This is some IQ 250 @Henry i also agree with this statement

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    @DROT You can arrest us when we are doing jailbreak with killing us.
    If developers will reject this i will create a topic named like Remove Killing arrest in jail...

    Sure, remove kill arrest but then also remove ability to sell weapons and drugs inside of the jail.

  • @JohnTurner
    You have the rights,so if you have a problem of selling drugs/weapons in jail you can create a topic...

  • or maybe cops could just, not want to have everything for themselves, and help remove stupid restrictions like this? 😃

  • I agree with your idea mate,because they need to be realistic and fair...✔

  • #cargrab4crimes!

    just yesterday the 5-O raided me with a 6+ mens cargrab shit, its alot easyer to leave moovieng car with cargrab than beeing inside, you go /cargrableave & can insta arrest without rolling on floor

  • i think yall should stfu and wait for the day cops get Killarrest outside jail and bank lmao