Undisputed Command
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    Leales siempre, Traidores Nunca, El Comando Indiscutible!

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    Undisputed Command is a paramilitary related Gang that Immigrated from South America more specifically from Venezuela, Colombia, Dominicana and Argentina to San Andreas Territory, they currently take part on the mountains located in Flint county and Red County Its Comrades are persons very Infamous and Unrespected when it comes to Violence, usually they have battles of territory for the control of the Mountains and its arounds for the elaboration/making procedures of cocaine as one of their main money profits, Alongside Weaponry Trafficking and Kidnapping.

    Cocaine Elaboration: Undisputed Command / Comando Indiscutible Usually have Furious Battles on the mountains for the control of the territory as they work making the drug in small commands <Comandos> ‘Sectors of the Mountains and Perimeters of it.

    • Kidnapping: In order to have full control and the Cooperation of the Local Police Department Usually they Kidnap the Sheriffs and Officers of the county and nearby Sectors for Extortion and Corrupted Rights of staynance of the territory.

    • Weapons Trafficking: Undisputed Command has deals with the local criminal Organizations of Weapons as they need to have their Soldiers well-armored. for the territory battles sometimes they get out the mountains and Jungle to make deals with Mafia/crime Bosses.

    • Threats to Politicians: As sub role, the Undisputed Command attempts the Slaughtering of Politicians, as a reference of the No-support of the Current Laws and Politics regarding the State. as sometimes the Politics put Laws and Enforcements that no-benefits the good sake of the Undisputed Command

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    1964 Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de ColombiaFARC’ founded by the Comandante Marulanda.

    1998 Undisputed Command < Comando Indiscutible> Jefes: González Cruz and Sepulveda formed part of the Paramilitary group as part of the Frente de Escuadra they worked together as Cabos for 3 years. before they were sent to different parts of the country with their Respective <Frentes de Batalla>

    2006 González and Cruz Meet again in November of that Year both with deep wounds of War and Mental Issues after 8 years of service for the paramilitary movement.

    The following month of December Las FARC inside commandos started to get dissolved due the Jefes of each Frente of Guerrilla started to kill each others for the Control of the Cocaine Laboratories and Money making.

    González, Cruz and Sepulveda in the Revolution of the Jefes of Guerrilla Meet one more guy De La Cruz in the Sieges of the Comandos they had to Escape from the Comando de Frente Central as they would get murdered by the new Jefes.

    They managed to Escape the Mountains were the Comando Central was Located at they decided to get Lost and losing contact in order to survive possible Hunts from new Guerrillas soldiers.

    2018 12 Years have passed from their Last conversation and visual presence, they decided to meet again , yet, they’ve formed Families and kids of their own now they share some times this year but they wanted to have real conversations as each one of them were part of the Revolutionary Movement and for them in their Mind, they really wouldn’t stop having those Ideals they were formed of.

    2019 January after the end of the year, González, Cruz Sepulveda and De La Cruz decided to have a new meeting where they’d speak out loud and speak their minds.

    Cruz started the conversation with some projects he had thinking for years as he wanted to take part of new business and keep having the Cocaine elaboration as he once had, Others immediately raise up, Cruz thought they’d kill him as it was a tough past, yet the result was the complete opposite they were into the idea of making a new Guerrilla Paramilitary Command, After Many weeks of planning and Recruitments they decided to name a new Guerrilla-Paramilitary Organization <Undisputed Command>.

    August 2019: Undisputed Command Was Born and Ready to delivery Terror and Murderers all over the San Andreas Territory as they once were Angels of Death for 'Las FARC'

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    • Gang Level: 0
    • Gang Bank Balance: 152.000.000
    • Gang L / VL : @Stay @Venom
    • Gang Color: #6D4327
    • Gang Panel: Undisputed_Command
    • Date of Creation: 19/8/2019
    • Gang Discord Link: https://discord.gg/v3EJGT6

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    Comandante de Estado Mayor del Frente = Level 5 / Leader=


    Sub Comandante Mayor Central = Level 4 / Vice Leader =


    Comandate de Frente = Level 4 HeadQuarter =




    Capitán de Frente = Level 3 Recruit Managers =

    Teniente de Frente= Level 2 / Veteran=


    Sargento de Frente = Level 1 / Soldier =





    Cabo de Frente = Level 0 / Member =




    Total Members: 14

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    VIP Capatáz of the Commando. This is a Rank created for those players that support our ideologies and are positive towards our willings they are Homies of ours.


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    Comandante de Estado Mayor del Frente

    This Rank Belongs to the Leader of the Frente Paramilitary he's been in many situations that has made him the Head of the Gang He knows all his Comrades and his Ideology is the one to be followed he takes advice from his Sub comandante Central

    Sub Comandante Mayor Central

    This Rank is made for the Vice Comandante He's the Right hand of the Movement he controls the others comandantes de Escuadra, he gives the instructions from the HeadMaster to the Frente Leaders and they execute it

    Comandante de Frente

    as the name says it he's the comandante of the certain perimeter of the Mountain or the Places where we'd be located at, he's the man in charge of the Cocaine Elaboration and Distribution and his part of High Central Table

    Capitán de Frente

    This Rank is named before the Paramilitaries in charge of Recruiting new blood into the movement Lines, They seek for Potential Candidates of the Gang they push themselves to the Limits in order to have the very best in the Gang

    Teniente de Frente

    This Rank goes for the Veterans of the Gang and Paramilitary Movements of the Gang itself, they're the comrades that have showed up their Loyalty towards our Ideals their Job is to make sure everything inside works properly in the camps

    Sargento de Frente

    The Sargent of the front is the Man in charge of the Cabos de Escuadra he supervises the new addition of the Gang and Paramilitary Movement, he's been around for quite some time.

    Cabo de Frente

    The Cabo is the new addition towards our Movements, he's pushing forward to learn our Ideologies of revolution and how the job is done inside our lines

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    • Make sure you've seen and Have understood the Rules here Found https://saesrpg.uk/topic/6088/saes-rpg-rules-regulations-translated

    • Follow the orders of every SAES Administrator/Staff Team

    • Avoid any situation of Conflict with server players and act mature the Movement doesn't like Unprofessionalism

    • Make sure you Follow Comandante de Escuadra Orders aswell your superiors as we're a machine, a piece must be well placed for it to work.

    • Your Behaviours are very important as well your Common sense you MUST be good on both

    • Avoid Flamming/Spammin Main chat with stupid comments

    • Undisputed Command doesn't Follow any others Rules from outsiders make sure you give yourself a place towards others. Head always Up.

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    Undisputed Command / Commando Indiscutible has had negotiations with some powerful persons around the county of Red, there We've settled our Central Frente.

    Our Live first actions will be taking part in the Red county Mountains, Where nobody could really have access to it.

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    SAES:RPG|Undisputed Command|vídeo promo – 02:02
    — Douglass

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    Hey there Cabo if you're here it means you wanna be part of the Paramilitary Movement !, Make sure you have read all the Gang Rules and Server rules in order to be successfully accepted. Yet, there are a few requirements we ask for:


    Must be at least 15 Years of age.
    Have played SAES for 3 Months as a minimum
    English Level < Decent / Understandable > in order to communicate with the saes environment and players
    Ground Skills < Combat >


    Application Format:

    Ingame Nick:
    Account name:
    For how long you've been playing SAES?:
    SAES Experiences G/S/C :
    Previous Bans & Reasons:
    What is Undisputed Command Gang Role?:
    Why should we accept you:?


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