SAFP|DJO - Blackmailing/fraud

  • Greetings,
    This is a report and a logbook to report an offender by the name of SAFP|DJO - @DJ0. I accuse him of blackmailing and potentially scamming me.

    It all began when I was at one of the SRs in LS. I, like a normal criminal does, was being chased by SAFP|DJO when, by accident, I was rammed into a wall by a trainee officer as soon as I threw a grenade behind me to kill SAFP|DJO and some other officers. Unfortunately due to my inability to sprint (having been shot by a shotgun), I could not run away from my own grenade and was killed in the explosion.

    SAFP|DJO began to report me even though I apologized and discussed the unforeseen situation to him. I, after re-spawning at the hospital, went to the same place I was being chased at and surrendered into the hands of SAFP|DJO as you can see in the following picture:

    During my time in the jail, I was bewildered by the following PM from SAFP|DJO.

    I thought the situation was fairly solved as I let him arrest me after I died and it was a done deal. But this person allegedly tried to blackmail me and ruin my and my pristine squad's reputation by offering me this corrupt deal.

    I can understand that from his perspective, I might have looked as if I was avoiding an arrest. But from my standpoint, why would I do that? I can completely comprehend the rules and I had no intentions of breaking a fairly straightforward rule. Moreover, I recently joined a squad.

    I urge the authorities to deal this report towards SAFP|DJO as a blackmail and closely examine how SAFP squad members behave. Instead of resolving issues with words, they lean towards blackmailing people for virtual currency.

    My witnesses are my own squad members, @Revonex and @Sou. I understand that the game is supposed to be taken lightly and have fun for the most part but this kind of behavior is unacceptable to my standards.

    Thank you,

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  • lol man what are you doing xD , i didnt report you and it was an accident cause i tased you after you throw the grenade so its not an avoid :p i maked you mad when i told you 5mil or report 😃 and the subject is closed why you are reporting me 😃 ?

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  • Right its sad we dont have a warning system "yet" else you lot would have been recieving one.