8th Street
By Zei, in Groups

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    Street BMX is a type of freestyle BMX that began in the late 1970s. During this era, the BMX bikers spent a lot of their time on BMX bikes at concrete skate parks in Los Santos, SA. In 1979, the first freestyle BMX team was created, known as the "8th Street" as most if its members grew up and learnt everything in their hood exactly on the "8th street", unfortunately the group disappeared due to many factors, one of them is the death of one of their friend due to riding, in a crash.
    The spirit of the group is getting revived, as two members of the team staff got free time now and met again, they started riding in front of the jail to piss of some cops that were trying hard to arrest them, they also ride in the skatepark.
    the group is now fully revived and taking back his leadership in the streets , they are now looking for new and skilled stunters that may add something to the group. So to do that they decided to start organizing illegal races.

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    Group Name: 8th Street

    Group Tag: 8TS

    Group Founders: Zei , Ghost

    Group Motto: Married to the streets, Ride till you die

    Group color: 8F8F8F

    Our Discord server: https://discord.gg/nBFe3t2

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    • Respect server rules
    • Respect HQs
    • Respect High ranked members
    • Respect the rider leading the acitvity

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    • Our main goal is to spread the bmx and cycling culture around the server and making it bigger so people develop it and start using bicycles especially for stunting like we do.
    • We organize many and different types of events that include BMX and MB such as illegal street racing or competitions with a lot of prizes
    • We also rent bicycles for people that need it for an emergency when they loose their cars.

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    Leader: @Zei

    Vice Leader: @Ghost

    Chief Of Staff: @Helena

    HQ Team: @DJO / @ProNuBs

    Respected 8TS

    8TS Members

    Probationary 8TS


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    Recruitment Status: OPEN

    Application format

  • Well, I wish ourselves good luck 😄

  • I hope we can do this! hopes up!

  • We can Do It Boys ^^

  • A BMX group hahaha I had a similar idea a few days ago. Glad to see that I'm not the only one. Good luck!

  • pissing of cops near the jail with BMX and Mountain Bike is my favorite hobby ^^

  • Best of luck.

  • goodluck!

  • Ingame name:Zorro
    **Spoken languages:**melayu and english
    How long have you been playing SAES
    Current organization-
    Current groups:-
    Tell us more about yourselfmy name is nazeir im from malaysia im the student who love rpg games like saes rpg
    Explain our role in few words:cycling bmx around the server,make competitions and street race using BMX with a lot prices and rent bicycles to someone have an emergency

  • Ingame name: RUZO
    Username: RUZO
    Nationality: Malaysia
    Spoken languages: English,Malay
    How long have you been playing SAES- 3month
    Current organization- Vàndolas De El Carona Current groups:- N/A
    Tell us more about yourself- I am a calm and patient person, people used to call me Ruzo and I am 17 this year. I played as criminal role in saes, usually Transporter and Drug Dealer. I love to hang and making money.
    Explain our role in few words: Our goal is to spread the cycling culture around the server, we organize BMX and MB event and we also rent bicycle for people.

  • Well Done good job and good luck , im sure you can keep it up Boys

  • Ingame name: Fedrick
    Username: frozenpolar
    Nationality: Malaysian
    Spoken languages: Bahasa Melayu, English
    How long have you been playing SAES: I have been playing this server since 2015. Then I have been inactive for 2 years due to computer problems. and then I went back for a few months with this new account because I forgot my username and password. So far I know a little about RP and I'm active in discord.
    Current organization: Vàndolas De El Carona
    Current groups: N/A
    Tell us more about yourself: I'm Mohd Al Syurki I live in Malaysia I really enjoy playing video games like PUBG, Fortnite and many other video games I play but for me MTA san andreas is more interesting and really good
    Explain our role in few words: So far 8th Street is renting bicycles for people in emergency and cycling around SA, host event for BMX and Mountain Bike illegal street race and competition with lot of prizes.

  • Deleted

  • Ingame name: Sucre
    Username: Khelloufimomo
    Nationality: Italian
    Spoken languages: Italian, Arab, English, French and Spanish
    How long have you been playing SAES: since 2016
    Current organization: The Company
    Current groups: N/A
    Tell us more about yourself I'm 19, I was born in Morocco, grow up in Italy and now living in France, motorbike and bike lover. I work with Uber on my free time so I can earn some money.
    Explain our role in few words: Spread BMX again in the server, for make this sport in his gold times again. Make events about bikes, like races or stunts. Rent bikes for people who come to lose his car. And I add personally, it's a good way to save the world from car's smoke.

  • @Zorro
    This is our HQs decision
    We feel that you are not ready yet to join us even our members don't know you so what I'm suggesting you to do is to apply again after you hand a bit with us and attend our activities, DENIED this time, reapply in 1 week

    @RUZO , @Fedrick , @Sucre
    This is our HQs decision

    Positive feedback, we can see maturity in your apply and determination in your eyes, so applications ACCEPTED
    Join our discord for further info:

  • Ingame name:Skinner
    **Spoken languages:**English/Greeks
    How long have you been playing SAES 4-5 years
    Current organization: BB wannabe
    Current groups: N/A
    Tell us more about yourself:i'm 16 years old i living in Greece i playning football i like to eating pizza and listening music 😄
    Explain our role in few words: Driving around to spread bmx spirit , organizing illegal races and renting bicycles to people than need it in an emergency

  • @Spicey

    Thanks for choosing 8th-Street , Our HQ team Decided To give you Accepted.

    Join Our Disocrd : https://discord.gg/NPHawHJ

    Welcome Aboard.

  • Good Luck ! !

  • @Jiirak Thanks

  • Ingame name: Majima
    Username: DBMoodyBlues
    Nationality: Portuguese
    Spoken languages: English, Spanish and a bit of French.
    How long have you been playing SAES: Since April of this year.
    Current organization: AA - Arms Assassins
    Current group:s Global Trust, San Andreas Pirates, Al-Munazama and Izanagi clan.
    Tell us more about yourself: I am a very loyal and dedicated person, down to earth, always willing to help in any way possible. These are the most noticeable traits about me.
    Explain our role in few words: Spread the word around about the BMX spirit that is growing, make people understand that you can enjoy yourself with just a bike, especially for stunting. Also, making the bike a useful resource when there are no cars available.