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For those who are not familiar with the latest events about government and on going elections, I -as state secretary- want to make a basic clarification to our citizens. Our previous government which was led by A.K.P. have been dissolved due to certain reasons. Therefore by the decision of permanent staff of government, a new election is running at the moment.

The new election has started today (13 August 2019) and it will end on 17 August 2019. You can vote on the locations marked by flag of United States.

On this page you can find full list of our canditates;

On this page you can find rules and regulations related to elections;

We have a complete confidence in our citizens in the matter of choosing perfect canditates. May our nation shine brighter and we may wake up to a better United States. We will be doing our best to execute the elections without any issue as the staff of government.

White House wishes our citizens a good evening, and also good luck for our canditates.

Secretary of State, ILLUSION.