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No single position has more to do with the creative, technical, and financial aspects of making a film than the producer job, so lets go straight to the point:
San Andreas Studios is looking for some new ''camera mans'' and with that said we mean people who can record in-game with full resolution and without any lags or fps drops. A simple job that requires creativity and passion and of course a decent pc.


  • In-game fps shoud be around 50-60
  • Maximum Ping has to be 100
  • minimum 6 gb ram
  • Atleast Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600

If you think that you fit these requirements feel free to fill this format and send it here in #summer-school in San Andreas Studios Discord

**Username: **
**Do you have any experience with recording random stuff in-game:**
**If yes, show us some of your work*:**

If you fit all of the requirements above, we have a full team that can teach you all filming things from a to z, and if you are interested apply in discord with the format down below.

alt text
If you aren't interested in any of those things, we have something even better for you but requires a lot of skills also a lot of creativity, you can also become San Andreas Studios official editor if you got em skills,
this is the application format:

**How often do you use your pc:**
**Whats the program you are using edit your videos:**
**Show us some of your work:**

Quick reminder: All applications must be sent in this discord and specifically in this channel #summer-school and good luck!

                          -          San Andreas Studios Leader                       -