Music dialogue

  • Hey guys,

    no idea whether there is such kind of topic yet (couldn't find any)

    I wonder whether there are people who have a similar taste of music like me. If so I'd like to discuss it a bit, perhaps get some hints for other good music or just hear, what you guys personally feel when listening to your favourite music (do you listen to music just for relaxing, or does it motivate you in some kind of way?).

    Basically, I'd just like to chat a little about music in general.

    So, my fav's are the Red Hot Chili Peppers, anything from John Frusciante, also love Chris Cornell, Soundgarden or Pearl Jam, Omar Rodriguez Lopez, Josh Klinghoffer, ...

    I also wonder if anyone is into some chill easy jazz (e.g. some of Charlie Hunter) and can give me some ideas of other cool artists going in that direction.

    So yeah, that's all. Ofcourse you can tell me some about your own favourite music as well. I'm interested in any kind of different music (like the alternative and creative stuff the most), so maybe someone likes to share thoughts.

  • wow no Queen with the best singer of all time? shame of you :D

  • ahh pal, I honestly don't know why, but I am not as much in love with Queen as everyone else is :D (don't hate me now xx) @Siirtuga

  • Banyan - Anytime At All, 1999

    alt text this one too

    looking forward to find someone with a "good" taste of music :*