Turf Wars Rules

  • Hello, here is a little update of turf wars:

    1. If you are killed whilst actively participating in a turf war, it is not counted as deathmatching
      -- Either the attacker or the defender must be in the turf zone at the time of engaging
    2. While spawned as a cop you are obligated to arrest both sides during turfs.
    3. You can only use your gang’s spawn & hospital spawn during a turf war.
    4. You are not allowed to aid a turf war while spawned as police, emergency or food dealer whilst being a member of an official gang.
    5. You are not allowed to camp on unclimbable rooftops/places, climbable rooftops/places are allowed (usage of drugs/vehicles is not allowed). To consider a rooftop/place climbable you must be able to access it from the ground or from another climbable rooftop/place without the usage of the drugs/vehicles.
    6. Toggling war off temporarily during combat in order to evade special turf abilities such as headshot is abuse and punishable.
    7. You may only assist in defending an allied turf war provided there is atleast 1 member of the defending gang actively defending the turf

    GM Team.

  • Rule #4 has been updated to include food dealers.

  • Rule # 1 has been fine tuned and rule #7 has been added.

    Please make yourselves aware of these changes.