Hello, here is a little update of turf wars:

  1. If you are killed in a turf while a turf war is going on, it is not counted as deathmatching.
  2. While spawned as a cop you are obligated to arrest both sides during turfs.
  3. You can only use your gang’s spawn & hospital spawn during a turf war.
  4. You are not allowed to aid a turf war while spawned as police or emergency whilst being a member of an official gang.
  5. You are not allowed to camp on unclimbable rooftops/places, climbable rooftops/places are allowed (usage of drugs/vehicles is not allowed). To consider a rooftop/place climbable you must be able to access it from the ground or from another climbable rooftop/place without the usage of the drugs/vehicles.

GM Team.