[Tutorial] How to evade RPing with cops

  • As there're countless of ways to evade em, Imma list few.

    1. Kill em all
    2. Run away
    3. Get jailed
    4. Afk.... yes... afk.....

    [Step 1]

    First of all one has to fake being afk. Ya gotta be careful tho, if ya get caught you might end up u know.... killing em all :pppppp

    [Step 2]

    Let em surround yo fat ass. Make em believe you're afk.

    alt text

    [Step 3]

    As the experienced dudes in the police world are taking a break from RP once in a while, hope ya get a trainee investigating yo ass. If not, it still might work.

    [Step 4]

    Uhm.. hope they take the bait.

    alt text

    [Step 5]

    Halt and whoever speaks first loses.

    alt text

    [Step 6]

    As they've gotten their RP screenshots, with me "talking with em in my car". Just continue ignoring em.

    [Step 7]

    W8 for the final troops to leave yo ass.

    alt text

    [Step 8]

    Once they've left, let ardron know that u weren't afk :)))

    In this situation both parties get what they want. The cop side gets screenshots of RPing for their media archive. And the criminal side gets a nice little laugh :)

  • HAHAHA lmaoo thanks!

  • Lmao u saved my life man

  • Nice! A guide on how not to RP on a RP server..

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  • So, you were just looking at your screen and ignore everyone who wants to RP and have fun? You're one strange guy. Like, you justed wasted you time and everyone else.

  • @Ramby
    Moral of the story: just arrest everyone who is ''afk'' cOZ tHey MiGHt JusT Be TheRe BuT wHo KnOwS riGhT?

  • @Rzz0
    It is and you are right but it is still a rp server, if people cant even take part in a small cop/crim rp what is the point of playing on this server? You might as well join another server then imo...

  • @Rzz0 It really depends on the people who you come across. RP needs to come from both sides to make it interesting. I agree a lot can be repetitive, but it's also what both sides make of it.

  • the good old roleplays that were not forced and created by the moment the players been at

  • Very nice and useful tutorial, I'll put this on practice next time! Thanks!

  • @Rzz0

    @Ramby said in [Tutorial] How to evade RPing with cops:

    @Rzz0 It really depends on the people who you come across. RP needs to come from both sides to make it interesting. I agree a lot can be repetitive, but it's also what both sides make of it.

    As Ramby said the ''standart rps'' dont have to be repetitive predictable and uninteresting the rp has to come from both sides, if you just play along with the '' /me shows license'' yea that gets boring but if you spice it up a bit the rp's can be diferent from eachother and stay fun for everyone.

  • @Rzz0

    I think if you are being pulled over by the police for a RP you can do whatever you want in that roleplay, you can choose to not cooperate and take a different route or you can choose to take the easy path and show your license and go with the standard procedure. About the white house roleplay i dont think its a good thing that crims get admin jailed for trying to assasinate the president since that is also just a roleplay in a roleplay so for that we should talk to the admin that gives the person in question the admin jail. If the crims get killed by the police that just a matter of defending the president there is nothing bad about that. all in all im just saying roleplays dont have to be predictable you can choose any direction you like.

  • @Rzz0
    I understand your POV that you cba RP if the cops will just arrest you if things go diferent than they want, but if everyone just ignores the police rp's, roleplay on SAES will just die completly and only staged rp's will remain to be a thing. To come back to the President roleplay, the reason the police and/or secret service kills the criminals that try to kill the President is just to avoid the President getting killed which makes sense imo. Other than that i just want to say that i understand your POV completly but when i pull someone over for a RP most of the crims tell me they appreciate the fact that i RP instead of instandly arresting them (not saying i ALWAYS rp but when i do)

  • Proud of you slug.

  • @Rzz0
    Yes and no, If a party (either crim or cop doenst matter) starts shooting in a RP the RP is instandly over since everyone is dead correct i agree, however, since the president is usally on a stage its an easy target, if 5 criminals come running in with guns in their hands its pretty much comon sense that the police starts to eliminate the threat dont you think?

  • @Rzz0
    Exactly but as you said the crims will expect that the cops just shoot and kill everyone so to prevent them from dying crims will probably also shoot with that in mind both parties dont want to die and just start shooting thats just the mentality of the people there is nothing we can change about that..

  • @Henry SAES is a serious server and this is a serious tutorial.. only a selected few legendary criminals can pull this off.