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    For the people, by the people.

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    The San Andreas Communist Party was initially founded in June 2016. Party President Ardron Dawson founded the party with several key goals. The first of which was to bring about sweeping changes across San Andreas for the betterment of its people. Socialism was and is the future. President Dawson has a revolutionary view on how to change the political landscape in San Andreas. Together with party Vice President Mr. Alejandro Gonzales they would set out to achieve this. Vice President Gonzales is a Cuban-American who saw the joys of Socialism from a young age in his native Cuba. Together with President Dawson he is determined to bring these excellent values to the men and women of San Andreas.

    During it's existence, the party managed to win the elections and be the ruling party with an astonishing 95% win rate of all chairs, all gotten by the free will of our people! During the ruling time, our Government was one of the most action packed and thrilling periods of our beloved states! Together, we can bring that back!

    The San Andreas Socialist Party was formed in a shed in the back garden of President Dawsons house. In a few short months the young people of San Andreas began to see what President Dawson was preaching. They opened their eyes to what Socialism could achieve. President Dawson soon moved from lowly begging like all of us into a much more public eye. Amassing thousands as he spoke in Pershing Square on the eve of Christmas 2016, he announced with triumph that the San Andreas Socialist party was here to stay and that they would prevail in the elections that were to come. To this day the San Andreas Socialist Party is looking for young revolutionaries to join the fight against tyranny and corruption in San Andreas. We cannot allow the rich and powerful businesses and businessmen of the world control San Andreas. Everyone is equal. Equal control to all!

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    The San Andreas Communist Party has some core ideologies that we believe would bring positive change and a positive impact to San Andreas. We will not waiver in our conviction and we believe that ALL of these changes in policy must be brought to San Andreas for the betterment of its people and the betterment of San Andreas itself. The current major opposition party has no concept on how to change San Andreas and how to change it for the better. Allow us to guide your through our 6 point plan on changing the world you live in. Let's take a look into the policies of the San Andreas Communist Party, this is a transparency you will get nowhere else.

    Equality is a core ideology of the party. We MUST ALL BE EQUAL. I am no better than you and you are no better than I. Manners maketh man. The clothes that we wear do not change the content of our character. The cars we drive or the houses we live in do not change what we are. We are all human beings. We are all equal. The current regime would have you believe different, that they are better, that THEY are the ruling class. There are no classes. We are all equal and we must all fight as one towards a common goal. A better future for us and a better future for our children. FREE Education for everyone. FREE healthcare for everyone. Everyone is equal in the eyes of the law. I am no better than you. Why should I have a better education, why should I have an easier time in a hospital or why should I get less of a prison sentence for the same crime. The simple answer is that I should not! Equality for all because you are as important to this country as I am. The people are what hold up our great nation, not the fat oligarchs who sit atop it.

    Remove our fences. Everyone needs a house to live in. A place to call home, somewhere they are safe and warm. It is my duty to provide every citizen of San Andreas with this peace of mind. We must remove private properties. Take the houses out of the hands of the rich man and give to the poor. We would introduce policy where every man and women has a place to live for their lives but they shall not leave these places to their children. We believe it is right and just that when a property owner passes on that their property be left to the state to be redistributed. All property comes from the state and the state gives property to all. This is the perfect system to our housing crisis. We MUST get the homeless off our streets and into the safety of shelter. This is a human right, a priority that the current government does not care about! They have a house, why should they care about you!? This is a disgusting attitude. One you will not see from the San Andreas Communist Party.

    SAFETY. This is key! We must put the safety of our citizens and our children above all else. This includes the aforementioned free healthcare and free dental-care. Free gym memberships. Your health is absolutely key to your safety but most of all we need more boots on the ground. We NEED more police officers. The San Andreas Communist Party pledges to recruit ten thousand extra safety personnel including armed forces and police officers by the end of our first term. Our safety is key. This cannot be understated, in the ever evolving and dangerous world we live in today we must put our safety above all else. We must elect a party who put our safety above all else. This much is obvious and this much is critical.

    State Resources are key. We must stop spending so much importing from rival economies in other countries. It is imperative to keep our spending in San Andreas and to the people of San Andreas. We pledge to decrease our total imports to 10 percent of our total usage and get the other 90 percent from within the state. We will open new state run mines and refineries. We must tap the natural resources of San Andreas rather than importing for our economical and often military rivals. This is key to our economic independence and to the safety of our future.

    Build the wall! We must close our border to the illegal immigrants pouring into San Andreas. We must respect the Cuban nationals who come here as our friends from Cuba but nobody else. San Andreas must look out for San Andreas. We propose we close our borders to all foreign nationals not Cuban and we have a rigorous screening process. This is both for our safety as San Andreas citizens and also to stop the bleeding in our economy. There is immigrant workers coming to San Andreas, earning a living and taking it from the San Andreas people and sending it back home to Turkmenistan or wherever. This has to be stopped. San Andreas is for San Andreas people. You are number one, you are first and the foreigners are second. Your safety, your life and your health all come first in my eyes. We must continue to encourage tourism but we cannot encourage or allow immigration to continue to happen at the rate it is happening.

    Jobs, Jobs, Jobs! Employment is key. Everyone must be able to provide for themselves and their family. We would propose a scheme in which the government would put everyone to work in public jobs. No man unemployed. We would reduce our employment to 0 whilst improving our infrastructure. This is for the betterment of San Andreas and the San Andreas people. With our promises to open new mines, new refinery's and increase our security forces there will be no shortage of jobs for the glorious people of San Andreas. If you want safety, security and a job vote for the San Andreas Communist Party.

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    Party President:

    Mr. Ardron Dawson @Ardron

    Party Vice President:

    Mr. Mark Callaway @TaJ

    The Central Committee:

    Aaron_Brandon @Kim

    Steven_Anderson @Dufabo

    Party Members:

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    Are you interested in improving the lives of everyone in San Andreas? Are you interested in making a difference? Are you interested in the betterment of your fellow man? Join the San Andreas Communist Party today!

    This is an RP based application. Apply in full RP character.
    Any other political affiliations, past or present:
    What draws you to the Socialist Party?
    Why do YOU want to make San Andreas better?
    What policy is a favourite of yours?
  • This is an RP based application. Apply in full RP character.

    Name: Hasen

    Age: 32

    Address: London street 1337

    Any other political affiliations, past or present: Yes, huge mafia in portugal 5 years ago.

    What draws you to the Socialist Party? I'm huge communist I will make what leader says, best I can.

    Why do YOU want to make San Andreas better? Because San Andreas is broken, immigrants everywhere no equality.

    What policy is a favourite of yours? Wall building?

  • Nice party ardron

  • Name: Charles Xavier

    Age: 60

    Address: 1407 Graymalkin Lane, Salem Center

    Any other political affiliations, past or present: I have previously co-founded a political party but it failed due to the criminal affiliations of my co-founders.

    What draws you to the Socialist Party?: It promises equality, and that is something i have not seen for a while in our state.

    Why do YOU want to make San Andreas better?: I want to make sure that my children and their children can have better lives

    What policy is a favourite of yours? As i stated above, Equality is really important. But i am more interested in the Self-Sufficiency policy. If we stop relying on the imported resources we can have more jobs and a better economy.

  • Name: Youssef Shaw

    Age: 41

    Address: 121 B Baker St, London, England

    Any other political affiliations, past or present: I was a great part from the Palestine Liberation Organization

    What draws you to the Socialist Party?: We are living in turbulent times, I need to try helping this state to get back to the old times that we can see the peace

    Why do YOU want to make San Andreas better?:I want to dream of a future that will illuminate my children and my grandchildren. I want to wander the streets where there is no ignorant or poor.

    What policy is a favourite of yours? Cluster Policy

  • Good Luck Comrades!! alt text