''Police'' Sticker Color

  • As the title says, i am suggesting that the ''police'' sticker on the side on the LV police care are changed back to the way they used to be. Some time back the outline of the sticker was white and was could easily be read. After that was taken away, making the middle of the cars a darker color looks so empty due to the poor vision of the sticker. This outline made a text so much more visible and cars much more appealing.

    Here are some examples of what i am talking about:

    How it used to be:
    alt text

    How it is now:
    alt text

    How the car looks with a dark middle piece:
    alt text

    This is a harmless suggestion that only satisfies the eye. I and alot of others want this to be changed.
    Feel free to leave you honest opinion below.

  • Change it back to the old one, I have no idea why the current one is still in-game since it's ugly as shit

    plz old one

  • This isn't possible as the vehicle needs to support donation wraps.

    You can change the font yourself by donating for a wrap.