Government Update - Dissolution of Government

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    Hey everyone,

    As you may be aware, when myself and the non-RP government leadership team took on the mantle of facilitating a functioning government on SAES and facilitating elections for that government we announced there would be a new election cycle every 4 months.

    August marks 4 months from our elections, so here we are - a new election cycle is upon us.

    This means that anyone who intends on taking part in the upcoming elections/government cycle should have a quick read of this topic and register either yourself, or a candidate, prior to the time given on the topic.

    Registration for the election will close on Monday, August 12th @6pm server time.

    The polls will open on Tuesday, August 13th at a time yet to be determined and run until Saturday August 17th at 6pm server time

    In related news, we are looking for feedback on the below poll to gauge community interest overall in the frequency of election cycles.

    On the topic of government inactivity I would like to point something out, as people have been coming to me with complaints about this.

    Neither myself, or any other SAES member or HQ is responsible for the government being active. This is one of the few institutions on SAES dictated by the player base, democratically. Myself and anyone else in the non-RP leadership team is here solely to ensure we can help the government run smoothly when they ask, and that we can facilitate elections and the existence of the government itself.

    The activity and the day to day running of the government is purely on the shoulders of those who you elect. Please remember this when you are casting your vote.

    Cheers and good luck to anyone who wishes to participate!

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    Democratic Republican, For us, San Andreas is the First!

    For more information & application format: CLICK HERE

    For our Discord channel: CLICK HERE

  • Make Government Active Again.
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  • TSAR

    The San Andreas Royalists

    "Sive mors Gloria"

    “Death or Glory”

    Trust in those who have the people's interest at heart, not in the newcomers grasping for power.

    We are not offering a helping hand, we are giving you a choice. Vote for TSAR to help yourselves.

    Invalid promises and ideas wont do anything we need action. Let us restore San Andreas back to its golden age.


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    A nation can only reach it's true potential where every citizen is treated in an equal and fair way, where nobody is beyond law, weather you are a president or a factory worker, where your rights are equal, where transparency is at it's home and where every citizen of our country has a place to call home.

    The San Andreas Communist Party (TSAC) -

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