Izanagi Clan - Official Topic

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    "What I have Is not a dream, because I will make it a reality"

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    Group Name: Izanagi Clan
    Group: Unofficial
    Color Code: #363436
    Founder: @Exile
    Group Money: $50.000.000
    Group Tag: Name|*IZC (Probationary) Name|IZC (Full Member)
    Creation Date: August 1st 2019
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    The Beginning
    This story takes place in the summer of 2019,where the founders of the Izanagi Clan first created the organization. Exile and Kybalion were from poor families back in Japan, they had been childhood friends and they always seem to get in trouble together, when things got really bad in the Japanese police had a warrant out for their arrest,they decided to flee the country. they couldn’t make up their mind where to flee, but they eventually decided to flee to San Andreas. The first nights there were horrible, they had no food to eat and no place to stay, they usually hung around Mount Chilliad and camped on the mountain for shelter. But one day,while hanging around the mountain,they had saw a chance of opportunity!
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    The Log Cabin
    While Exile and Kybalion were looking down the mountain,they noticed a nice log cabin with a few people inside. They began plotting on what to do with this opportunity. Two people couldn’t rob the cabin alone,so Exile got in touch with a cousin of his that lived in San Andreas to help out with the job. They began to arm themselves with weapons and put on matching suits. Then they stormed the log cabin,what could go wrong?
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    Home Invasion
    The guys in the log cabin we’re shocked when we busted through the cabin waving automatic machine guns and telling them to get down. On TV, Americans always seemed so intimidating..But these guys were punks. The only guy who tried to fight back was in elderly man, he tried to take Kybalion’s gun and he ended up getting shot in the back. We ransacked the place and took everything and we made the two surviving guys cough up all of their money before we tied them up put them in our truck to kidnap them for ransom.
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    They had no clue how much money they could potentially make off of those guys, but it was worth a shot. And the two people that were being kidnapped appeared to be rich white skater kids.
    The type to rebel against their parents,Exile,Kybalion, and Avanger(cousin) all had a good feeling they would make a big profit from this ransom. When their relatives showed up with the money, they made sure to count the money thoroughly. They ended up with over 100k in cash,the most money they’ve ever seen in their lives. But this,was only the start..

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    The Come Up
    Weeks pass by, and then eventually months pass by... The 100k that was made off the ransom in the summertime had been flipped into an even bigger number. The organization was now worth millions. Exile,Kybalion and Avanger now were living lavishly in San Andreas,making income from a various amount of sources. The organization began helping out in store robberies,bankrobs,and also began helping members and potential members escape from jail. They higher up members of the organization focused on better ways to make money. They began hosting events around San Andreas to spread awareness about their group and to raise profits. The more people that participated in these events the better.

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    Present & Future
    Well, as of now,the group is really looking forward to expanding and recruiting new members to help out with spreading the name of the organization around San Andreas. Our low ranked members handle all of the illegal crimes that are too risky for our higher ranked members to participate in. But they are rewarded significantly,they get treated like family,and all of their needs are taken care of. The higher ranked members however are in charge of hosting activities,monitoring the income thats being made from all members and making sure everyone is on track.
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    What do we do?
    Our role first,is to raise awareness of our organization,this is done in many ways. The members raise awareness by unleashing their wrath upon San Andreas,engaging in various crimes that get displayed on the news. Crimes like bank robbing,robbing and looting stores,torture,selling drugs,kidnapping,you name it! We do it all,and why? Because it brings in money and attention,the more attention we have,the more others are intimidated. The more people that are intimidated,the more power we have. Our second role is to host activities around San Andreas,this is how we gain the most revenue and attention. People love to watch the brawls,drifting races,parkours,and more that we host.
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    Check This:

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    The recruitment of this group for now,will not have a written application. For the most part,we will be looking forward to selecting a few members within the SAES community to kickstart this group,and then we will begin recruiting members. Anybody can write an application to any group,so written applications are not impressive to me at all. We're looking for members that have dedication,persistence,and a grinding mentality. The reason why most groups lose activity or don't become official is because of the members that are within the group. I won't make that mistake here,if you're interested in joining this group. You're efforts in game will be judged first before any other effort.

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