Department Of Defense

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    Our Purpose

    Ensuring nationalwide security for governmental personnel and the citizens of San Andreas.

    Our Mission

    The Department of Defense provides the military forces needed to deter war and ensure our nation’s security.
    We, the DoD also listen to the people, and hereby accordingly make, change, legalize or prohibit laws related to firearms.

    Our Vision

    Ensuring the safety of our citizens by intel collected by our agents, and with this intel arrange appropriate law changes to ensure a safe and strong country.
    Strengthen the lethal force alongside alliances and constructing relation to new partners.
    Reform the department for the greater good.

    Defense Officials


    Deputy Secretary:

    Chief of Staff

    Under Secretary of Defense for Strategy

    Under Secretary of Defense for Threat Reduction and Arms Control

    Under Secretary of Defense for Counternarcotics

    Intrested in joining us ?

    Contact me on Discord @ Zei#4231.

    Inform me why your addition to the Department of Defense will make a visible change, ensuring the safety of San Andreas.

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