There are certain rules for this section that we would like members to adhere to.

Those who break the rules continuously after being warned will have their posting privileges revoked.

Rules for this section

  • Please search this forum prior to asking your question as it may have already been asked or answered.

  • If a 'QUESTION' has been asked in regards to server rules, SAES members are the only people qualified to answer them, so please do not comment as you will be warned and your post deleted.

  • If a 'SUGGESTION' has been added to change the rules or about the server in general, public members are allowed to voice their opinions but SAES HQ will ultimately decide on the suggestion.

  • If a 'QUESTION' has been marked as SOLVED, clicking the link to the topic will normally send to the the post marked as the answer automatically, however if this does not happen, please look for the post/reply which has a THICK GREEN border around it, this is what would have been marked as the 'answer'.

How to ask a 'question' properly

Click 'New Topic', write your question, then before you click Submit, click the drop-down arrow next to it and click 'Ask as question' prior to hitting submit.

Picture below:

alt text