[README] How to use this section

  • There are certain rules for this section that we would like members to adhere to.

    Those who break the rules continuously after being warned will have their posting privileges revoked.

    Rules for this section

    • Please search this forum prior to asking your question or making a suggestion as it may have already been asked or answered.

    • If a 'QUESTION' has been asked in regards to server rules, SAES members are the only people qualified to answer them, so please do not comment as you will be warned and your post deleted.

    • If a 'SUGGESTION' has been made to change the rules or about the server in general, public members are allowed to voice their opinions but SAES HQ will ultimately decide on the suggestion.

    Your topic should be tagged as one of the following;

    [QUESTION] - Question about the server or rules.
    [QoL] - Small Quality of Life suggestion. This is a small edit to an existing resource that is entirely beneficial.
    [CHANGE] - Bigger changes to existing resources which may not have full support. Always add a poll.
    [FEATURE] - Suggestion for a new resource entirely - add a poll.
    [BUG] - Reporting a bug or issue with an existing resource. You should always make a git issue here for bugs also.

    How to get a response to your suggestion

    All suggestions will be responded to if a poll is on the suggestion.

    This poll must reach at least 50 positive votes for yes with at least 80% of all participants voting in favour of a specific idea.

    Poll manipulation will result in forum bans. This means no incentivising people to vote in one way under any circumstance. Allow people to vote based purely on the idea itself.

    These limits may change depending on how frequently they are being met.

    This system ensures you will receive a response - not that the suggestion will be implemented. A member of the clan will respond after it is discussed internally and you will be given a reason why the suggestion may not be implemented or if succesful that we will put it on the roadmap.

    We will aim to respond to all suggestions who reach the relevant quota within 7 days of the quota being reached. This may not always be possible, as it may be a larger internal discussion point.

    Once your suggestion is responded to it will be moved to the archive if it rejected or to the newly created In-Review forum for further discussion/review.


    Click 'New Topic', write your question, then before you click Submit, click the drop-down arrow next to it and click 'Ask as question' prior to hitting submit.

    Picture below:

    alt text

  • I have removed 14 pages of outdated, duplicated or answered suggestions and put them in the archive.

    The remaining 4 pages have been assigned a label.

    I have updated the above post to reflect what each label means, please utilise these labels.

    In discussion with SAES HQ they have also agreed upon the above section labelled 'How to get a response to your suggestion'

    You will now be guaranteed a response to your suggestion if you meet the above criteria.

    The 7 day time frame is from today on, all previous suggestions which meet this criteria are in a backlog and will be responded to in due course.

    Please check the archive before making suggestions where possible, as duplicates will be moved there.