HSIN | Homeland Security Information Network

  • This is a public service announcement

    With honor and integrity, we will safeguard the American people, our homeland, our values.

    The recent growth of terrorist organizations & organized criminal cartels has got the Homeland Security concerned, which directly reflects back to the safety of America.

    In order to counter the recent growth in criminal activity, we ask for your help. The Department of Homeland Security needs additional information of the organizations & the suspects within in.

    The Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN) is a newly launched program.
    HSIN is the Department of Homeland Security's official system for trusted sharing of sensitive, but unclassified information between federal, state and private sector partners.
    The Homeland Security use HSIN to access data.

    You will be kept secret and anonymous at any given time through our tested HSIN service.

    This information is to be used to send requests securely between agencies, manage operations, coordinate planned events, safety and security, respond to incidents, and share the information we need to fulfill our duty. Keep the United States of America safe, is our duty.

    HSIN is a web-based platform. The HSIN provides three main functional categories.

    First, it provides a Discord web system which allows agencies and events to have a basic workspace for collaboration. Second, it provides a communication system, with managed rooms. Third, it provides the Common Operational Picture, a custom executive situational awareness portal informing agencies about current affairs.

    • Event and Incident Management Operations Support Web Conferencing (HSIN-Connect)
    • Geospatial Services Comprehensive Training Intelligence Management System (HSIN-Intel)
    • Alerts and Notifications Secure Messaging (HSIN-box)
    • Instant Messaging (HSIN-Chat)
    • Subject Matter Expert (SME) Services HSIN Communities

    HSIN access is based on nomination and acceptance into the HSIN society. If you are not currently a part of HSIN, but wish to, then send a direct message to this account with the title 'Application', to understand the next step of the procedure.

    Your message will be responded to as soon as possible. If you’ve been accepted, then your HSIN access has been verified and you have been nominated and invited to join HSIN. A temporary discord link will be provided, and additional information will be given.

    You will be asked to complete your registration and the identity proofing process. There is no restriction that implies on anyone who wants to join HSIN, everyone is welcome.

    Informants, who like to help gather intelligence about terrorist groups and criminal organizations or are a part of them, are invited to help the network learn more about them, to render them obsolete.
    Informants, who prove themselves trustworthy & loyal, may be taken into future recruitment consideration.

    The information about HSIN agents is confidential and is kept anonymous.

    Your name will be kept secret.

    This way, the public won’t have knowledge about the informants, making it difficult to target valuable informants. Every agents identity is kept secret from the other agents in the network aswell.

    The HSIN Criminal Database is a repository that contains information about all the criminals in San Andreas, maintained by the Homeland Security.

    This allows HSIN to provide informants with the names of the most wanted vigilantes and terrorists in San Andreas in order to collaborate efficiently.

    The information you, as a HSIN agent sent to us, directly gets put into the database after review.
    A detailed document depicting useful information about them, as follows will be constructed out of the information that you provide:

    The reports will be reviewed by official Homeland Security for verification. The report gets filled out by our AI on discord, which you provide with basic information, which then gets reviewed.

    Upon verification, you will be eligible for a payment for each sent and verified report.

  • The Homeland Security is unfortunately closing the HSIN program due to a recent event internally.

    Therefor this topic may be deleted.