Hey all,

There's been some internal discussion recently around what quality of life changes we can make for donators when it comes to the Donator spawn (and new donator crown) in game.

Until today you would have had to donate £5 or more and subsequently be added to the spawn for 30 days.

From today on, that is no longer the case.

Any donator who has donated £30 or more in their entire history on the server will now be added to the spawn permanently.

Please read the following topic located HERE for information on what will make you eligible, and how to be added to the spawn.

Please also note the donation rewards topic located HERE has also been updated to reflect this change, and properly reflect the recent changes around shaders etc.

At this point we must re-iterate that any rulebreaking whilst spawned donator or any abuse using the donator spawn will be punished in a heavy handed manner and you will lose access to the spawn, likely permanently, irrespective of your donation level.

Any questions can go below - once again, thank you donating.


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