Reviving the Medical Side

  • Greetings, fellow dwellers,
    Firstly I would state that I know that there are some of you who might agree that the Medical side might be stable as it is however, I disagree with that, and I am not the only one who does so for I have asked opinions of other folks who play as Medic a lot, being a High Ranked of the only dedicated Medical group of the server, I present to you a poll on adding changes to the Paramedic spawn and revive it.

    Please read before Voting.

    The Ideas which can be applied to the medical side

    1> Making the ambulance more damageproof: Basically making the ambulance withstanding double (i.e 200% damage) would be helpful given how criminals react in Store Robberies when cops try to heal themselves, generally the ambulance is shot in order to explode it and kill the cop and this makes the Paramedic suffer. Buffing up the Hit points would make it more sturdier and better for the medical side.

    2> Increasing rewards for Paramedics: To those, who have played as a paramedic must know that the cash they get for healing is very less unless you are using an ambulance which does not pay highly either, Patrolling with an ambulance for around 20-30 minutes grants you like $40k-50k which is kind of imbalanced. Plus the reward for Medics helping inside Prisons and Banks is almost nothing. This will also motivate the paramedic spawn to be used more.

    3> Increasing utilities for the Paramedics: Increasing a few utilities for Paramedics such as being able to open Jail gates would be more helpful.

    4> Adding a 2 second cooldown granting invulnerability to damage after revival This is a most common thing which almost negates Paramedic revival useless. When you see a dead guy and go to revive him, the second he's revived an enemy shoots him down preventing further revival making the revival useless. (add max reward for this too)

    5> Preventing respawn if being revived: Almost everyone does this, I agree that you want to spawn ASAP but supporting the Paramedics by waiting 3 seconds to get revived is not that hard and damaging. This idea can be connected with Idea #4 creating a strong foundation.

    6> Fixing General bugs: Like when you sometimes gain stars from hitting people with the medkit(flower) and that's hazardous in conditions like Jail where trainees rule.

    7> Increasing wanted level for disabling healing The limit is about 3 right now, would be better if it could get pushed to 5 or something as you get stars most often without indulging in anything for example due to a nearby vehicular explosion, a medkit heal failure etc.

    If you have any other ideas, please like to suggest it. I am aware that the Paramedic is a support class but I want it to be able to function perfectly and support others as much as possible.

    Let's avoid flame wars ^^, would love to hear you guys' opinions below

    Johnny English.

  • What about decreasing the revival cool down. Afaik you have to wait around a minute before being able to revive someone again.

  • @Lincoln said in Reviving the Medical Side:

    What about decreasing the revival cool down. Afaik you have to wait around a minute before being able to revive someone again.

    Would kind of increase an invulnerability factor, I think a 2nd chance at doing something is enough but yeah can be decreased a lil' bit

  • I agree with almost all the ideas. We've seen in the recent past that people like to spawn as medic and I think it should be a class that is paid well and can influence a lot of people to spawn as the Emergency class. Increasing the pay is definitely a lovely option to attract people.

  • Some decent ideas here, particularly #1 which is my personal pet peeve when playing medic. I'd approach some of them differently though.

    (3) I'd prefer to have medics stay away from the current shitshow that is jail as I don't think they'd be of much use anyway. Crims would gun them down instantly knowing there's a chance they'll revive cops and you'd have cops shooting medics and getting wanted due to helping crims etc. Not worth the hassle imo.

    (4) We'd have to be careful with this, not a fan of having people kill/arrest with no chance of stopping them due to being invincible. Only way I can see this being added is if the player being revived has their weapons disabled for the duration.

    (5) I think a better approach to this would be to display a message on the screen, or requiring players to confirm they wish to respawn at hospital, if there is a medic nearby to revive them.

  • about idea number 4, when there is a cop chasing a criminal and the criminal killed him and you went to revive him after you revive him he will have invulnerability to damage, which will give the cop a high chance to arrest the criminal but the criminal can't kill him because of the invulnerability, am i right ?

    Maybe if there is a way which can disable the arresting ability during the 2 seconds.

  • in both sa medic group and paramedic puplic spawn then yes +1 from me

  • As much as I appreciate the medics for their work. I think the focus of any development needs to be aimed at the police side of the server.

    The reason why I mention is that I think it would be far more benefical if the developers did not spend their time on medics but instead on police. As police is far more important. Once police is sorted than yes it would be great to see development of the medic side of the server.

  • Additional to what @Shaun said; #3 Some people would abuse the medic class to open the gates just to help their friends!

  • @Joshbond Why should they focus on the police side??

  • The ideas seem to be decent, except the ones that the others already states, although, if someone doesn't find the Paramedic job interesting right now, I doubt that they will do even after the changes.

    Moreover, I already can smell the squad and gang members managing to spawn as paramedics and easily getting in the jail, which in my opinion doesn't make sense.

    @Joshbond could you please stop bitching, saying how difficult it is to be a cop? Police Warden Tranees have m4 in jail now and also the speed (as a drug) is 4k for the criminals, meanwhile there are no changes for the shotgun that slows the criminals down. The cop side recently got buffed, but you are still moaning about it?

    I apologize for going off topic btw

    • Would be handy if the script for reviving could be looked over as people die all the time without being able to revive them. (Not talking about people who were recently revived)

    • Possibly adding something like an adrenaline shot (which would work as speed) or a bandage (something people can buy from medics to be consumed at a later stage)

    • EMT pager overhaul

      1. have medic calls displayed on it and be able to confirm you're going to the person who requested it.

      2. as mentioned before add something to show people that a medic is close when they die and either request a revive or just skip the revive which would remove the revive text from the pager so the medic knows not to go over and heal the person (had many cases where people actually got pissed cause they got revived)

    • As for the damage proof part, possibly make it 2 times as strong like said above but only when the vehicle is stationary (so people don't start spawning medic to abuse ambulances as tanks or escape vehicles)

  • Another suggestion: have the current ambulance model fixed/tweaked(siren lights, unaligned wheels) as well, or replacing it with a more modern one.