Clar's ban appeal

  • Nickname: Clar
    Username: symiciti
    Ban Date: 01/05/2019
    Banned By: @Bone
    Your MTA:SA serial: A2F3F9DCE929D2159F0E26C545E26694
    Ban Reason: Bug Abusing
    Why should we unban you?:
    I want to say that my ban was completely fair and I agree with the admins that I am now creating this topic and writing this ban appeal. I was caught on abusing and hiding a bug, and I would like to apologize to the whole community and admins for using and hiding this bug, although I used it long time ago. Not long ago, I contacted Bone, and tried to explain my act to him, and I hope that Bone and all admins in general dont think that I am not as retard as they possibly thought of me. I never hid, and didnt try to lie, that I really used this bug and I think it will play a positive role on the response in this appeal.
    Add a picture of a whale ( not teddys mom )

  • Under discussion

  • right, you confessed your actions and lighten up your past.
    the bug itself is found and patched but you been aware of it for a longer time and rather kept it private instead of reporting it.
    reason for you keeping it private was "I didn't share it because of some probability of economic reset"

    during the chat, you also said that you are aware of "smaller but funny bugs" which don't take advantage in the game or getting money from it.

    before moving on with your appeal I'd like to see from you a tracker topic on or to me in private( since requests are not hidden) about the other bugs you are aware of.

  • Already contacted Bone and told him everything I know.