Re-add old bankrob interior

  • I would like to see more diversity in tactics to defendor take over a bank robbery to make it more enjoyable and a better experience.

    There used to be another bank interior before the current ones and I would love to request the one from 2013?! to be replaced with one of the current banks.

    Nostalgia is what keeps players around and have them return, it's already seen with HR's how many old players want it back and having one more bank interior can't hurt.

    Can remember the days were you went practicing in an interior in LV with your gang and new recruits on how to hold certain corridors for when you were planning the actual bank robbery

    So my suggestion is to replace 1 of the 6 bank interiors with the old bank interior

    Videos for reference

  • I wouldn't like it replaced, I like both interiors in today banks. I would add 2, or 3 more banks on map and add this interior for those banks only.