Increasing the difficulty of a Bank Robbery - POLL

  • So i find it extremely unrealistic for Bank Robberies to have almost a 100% success rate while Store Robberies have like 70%. However my main goal here is not the role-playing part. I think that increasing the difficulty of defending a bank robbery will improve the game-play and make it more fun. Maybe the money pay out could be increased as well if the bank robberies would become more difficult. I was refering to the Gang Bank Robberies, But the same thing applies for Public ones. I think that all Bank Robberies should be fairly easy to start (Like they currently are) but extremely hard to defend.

    I am a member of a gang myself, but i think it would be more fun if bank robberies were much harder to defend. I think the success rate of a bank robbery shouldn't be higher than 60%.
    If you do agree with having a more difficult BR, please share your ideas and suggestions that could help us achieve it.

  • And how do you suggest to make them more difficult?

  • @Skerdi

    @Xavier said in Increasing the difficulty of a Bank Robbery - POLL:

    If you do agree with having a more difficult BR, please share your ideas and suggestions that could help us achieve it.

    Right now i don't really know but i'm counting on the community to help with ideas. I just wanted to get general opinions about this matter.

  • One thing I think makes the BRs extremely troublesome is the way the interior is built. The pyramid-ish scheme, when you have to run into the main cracking room is close to impossible if there are more than 5 on each side. They continously spam their Combat Shotguns/M4s, and you'll almost, if not everytime instantly get killed.

    I agree there needs to be added some difficulty to the bank robberies, as they are a bit too easy for the gangs to defend.

  • Making pbrs a little bit more hard i agree but gang brs are great right now because you need to have team of crackers and a team of defenders. Pbr cracking system should not be automatic, there should be an enigma or something like a cracking system to make it harder

  • Might sound completly retarded, but can we turn safe 2 to 8 minimum number to 1M (looking at @Tritosh who re-enters none-stop to get a code under 1M); or actually reward people who does it the legit way (if they are a minority?)

  • More variety in bank layouts would be nice as well,
    Loved the one from before 2013 and would love to have it back in one bank interior for some nostalgia.

    Video for the ones that can't remember/haven't experienced it

  • I believe a change of the mapping will be great, il try to work on different concepts of how the mapping could be.

  • i assume that removing third door cracking pad and adding a bomb triggering event
    what i mean is the robbers need to wait atleast 1-2min until the bomb explodes and the third door gets destroyed to resume their robbery that would be and even cops may be able to disable the bank if they control it before it explodes

  • For those who are too lazy to read full post, here's short version:

    • Make drills instead of numbers input (PayDay 2 system)
    • Cracking all safes is not the end of bank rob. Public bank robs need to have money brought to random location for laundering and payout is 48 hours later, cops can raid money laundering location 24 hours after successful bank rob, criminals can defend it from cops. Gang bank rob needs everyone involved in bank rob to bring money to base of gang which robbed the bank, cops can intercept them, or wait in/around gang base, each kill/arrest pays more to cops then regular arrest and criminals arrested/killed don't get anything from bank rob.
    • Add banks in Blueberry and Whetstone with bank interior from 2013, some of us miss it.
    • Building up to Filex idea with explosives

    Ok, lazy ones can stop reading here, those who care for some detailed explanation of each idea can read after this point.

    Why not make completely different system of cracking? Of course, if developers are up for it. Instead of having this retarded system of inputting numbers, why not have a system where player who wants to be a cracker, regardless if it's gang, or public bank rob, needs to go to tools shop and buy a drill. Depending on drill price and quantity (since drilling trough doors and safes would require more then 1 drill - safes require smaller drills and doors would break few drills on the way) + player experience in cracking (how many safes and doors cracked in stats - the more he has, faster it goes; ofc, if this system is implemented, those stats would need to reset to 0 for all players) chances of vault door and safes being opened are determined, as well as time required to do it.
    Basically, system like in PayDay 2. Only, you need to prepare for bank rob by acquiring all the necessary tools before you start a bank rob.

    Second, don't make it that cracking doors and safes brings money to your pockets and you can get arrested in bank interior, or die in front of bank and keep the money. Make system where, in case it is public bank rob, you need to take stolen money to place where it needs to be laundered and if successfully brought, money is added to your bank account 48 hours after the successful bank rob. Make money laundering place at random location which changes after each bank rob.
    24 hours after bank rob, make 10 minutes timer for cops to try and investigate where is the location of money laundering business and seize that money if they figure out where is the location. Don't give them blip, let them do a little bit of investigation and figure it out on their own. They have 24 hours after bank rob to figure out where the money went. In those 10 minutes, if cops know the location, they can raid and seize the money, making it that criminals involved in bank rob get nothing, while cops involved in raid get the reward. Of course, after 24 hours, give criminals notification that money laundering location could be raided by cops and they should regroup there to protect it. Give notification only to criminals involved in bank rob.
    If it was gang bank rob, make it that gang and other criminals who helped defending their bank rob need to bring money to gang base of gang that robbed the bank. After that is done successfully, they receive money instantly. Cops, of course can try and intercept them anywhere on the route to the base, or wait for them in base (or around the base, depending on how well the base is fenced). Any criminal, or gang member who gets arrested, or killed in between bank vault and gang base doesn't get anything from bank rob. Those who bring the money successfully, get their well deserved share. Make each kill and each arrest for criminals carrying the money payed 5 times more then arresting criminal with same amount of wanted level to the cop who kills, arrests criminal, so they actually have good reason to chase bank robbers and not just let them go after bank rob is done, like it's some casual thing, like not fastening seat belt.

    Third, add 2 more banks, in Bluebery and Whetstone seems like good enough location. Some of us like these new interiors, but also miss old interior from 2013. So why not add 2 more banks and only those 2 to have that interior? Of course, this has nothing to do with difficulty increasing, but since we are talking about the banks already, this is the best place to talk about it.

    And fourth, while I was writing this post, I read what Filex said about explosives and I like the idea. Personally, I'd make both drills and explosives an option for criminals to choose how to do bank rob. Drills can be easily obtained from tools shop, as long as you have required money for it. Don't make it too cheap, so we have another method of regulating SAES economy, but also don't make it insanely expensive. Something like $10.000 for each small drill (minimum 8 required for safes in 1 bank rob, under condition that none of them break during drilling) and $50.000 for each big drill which is used to go trough vault door. Using drills takes a very long time, while using explosives is instantaneous. Of course, add chance of 60% for money to burn if explosives are used to open safes.
    However, this would be too easy with explosives if we don't add a little challenge in obtaining explosives. As preparation for bank rob where players plan to blow away vault door (and safes, maybe, if players are willing to take that kind of risk), players need to steal explosives from Desert Eagles base. Raiding Desert Eagles base and stealing explosives is only possible when at least 10 Desert Eagles members are spawned. To not make things impossible for players raiding the base, make it that Desert Eagles members can't see other player blips during the raid, even if looking directly at players from 2 feet away. Gives players chance to use some stealth approach, if they choose to do so. Maybe even add NPC convoy between DE Naval base and DE main base, once every day, at different time each day. If convoy is successfully attacked, players attacking the convoy get 100 explosives shared evenly among them. DE members can, of course, spawn DE and protect the convoy.
    Basically, have some heists before having an actual bank rob. Let's make some interesting things on server, instead just robbing stores and occasional banks which are successfully finished before they even started as long as criminals gathered in bank interior before the cops. Exception to this is Bone County bank which is very close to police station and hospital. But other then that, every single bank rob is successful and way too easy. Increasing the numbers in cracking pad won't cut it, we need completely different system.

  • Big -1 from me. First of all do not think about comparing SRs to BRs. SRs happens every like 15 mins or 20 mins I don't know exactly. But BRs when they are done there's a long time to restart it and a lot of other shit. Also the BR is already hard since there are not a lot of good crackers which makes them not able to even finish the BR in time. Besides cops have kill arrest like what do u want more than ''kill arrest'' which is not in SRs. Making the BRs hard will just cause the gangs never able to accomplish 8/8. Maybe those who will do it can have a big reward if BRs are going to be ''More difficult'' than it is.

  • @Faysal said in Increasing the difficulty of a Bank Robbery - POLL:

    Making the BRs hard will just cause the gangs never able to accomplish 8/8.

    Which will make 8/8 something special to achieve. Makes no sense at all for bank robs to have 100% of success rate.

  • also thc failed with over 30thc members a br on 2th year anniversey + AA failed 1 br too that day (also i saw that day much teamplay on copside), just saying.

  • @Bartman said in Increasing the difficulty of a Bank Robbery - POLL:

    also thc failed with over 30thc members a br on 2th year anniversey + AA failed 1 br too that day (also i saw that day much teamplay on copside), just saying.

    Maybe we dont need a more difficult BR but we need to encourage the cop-side to defend the BRs properly using tactics and teamwork, So i suggest giving cops a reward when stopping a BR. Maybe we could have a panel outside the cell room available for Squad/PC members only to crack and cracking that panel resets the BR(even if the time hasn't ran out) and gives all the cops in the bank a money reward . That would be cool to see and enough to encourage cops to try and stop a BR rather than waiting for it to reset.

  • @Bartman said in Increasing the difficulty of a Bank Robbery - POLL:

    also thc failed with over 30thc members a br on 2th year anniversey + AA failed 1 br too that day (also i saw that day much teamplay on copside), just saying.

    yeah one member wanted to try to crack first safe and failed, then I started cracking it and all crackers got arrested