• Hello & Welcome,

    Another suggestion from me ( and @Jasper ). Imagine yourself sitting in a car u dont own, trying to explain to your Party / Driver where u want to go. This can be hard sometimes. What could help in these situations? Waypoints!

    When u set a waypoint, your current Party members or the people inside the car will see the waypoint u set. It might even have a tag attached to the waypoint depending on the user that set it, or have it replaced when someone else in your party places one.

    The placement of the waypoint can be done using F11 ( if not mistaken ).

    Please let us know what U think about this, and what could improve this suggestion!

    Thanks in advance,

  • total virgin if you don't know the SA map

    good idea tho, also add the GPS system where you follow the trail to the waypoint

  • I've always wanted this to get added and I was planning to suggest it. So in the car, any of the passangers (including the driver himself) can set a waypoint in f11, the way point route could also be able to be seen from the minimap.

    I'm definitly supporting this!

  • Bump I guess?