Business Interiors

  • Hello & Welcome,

    This might be a small suggestion, but it might improve a little Role-play aspect within the server.
    As we all know, we have the ability to use Interiors on our houses ( If donated a specific amount of money ).

    Although Businesses don’t have this ability. It would be cool to have a certain amount of Business Interiors available for Normal people / Donators to use. Depending on the look / purpose of their interior, they can choose an interior that fits their business / role.

    These Interiors can be made by Me or any other mapper(s) that is willing to work on them. These can all be made for different purposes / roles, so we have a decent number of possibilities.

    Be sure to leave your suggestions / Opinions on this Idea!

    Thanks in Advance,

    EDIT: Everyone has 2 votes, incase that was misunderstood

  • I think these should remain organisation/group rewards. would bring more attention to the organisation and encourage orgs to cutomize their own to be more than just a gang garage

  • @Tut-Greco That could be a possibility. Although, this suggestion would mean G/S/C but also Normal people need to head to a different location for them to resume something. Instead of having everything in the same location.

    I love the feedback, might think of another addon to this later on.

  • Bump or Close? Probably not gonna happen anyways
    ( alltho its a reward for the Hackathon? )

  • dildo become official group!