A long time coming...
By Hoodie, in Emotions

  • Dear people of Saes,

    This post has sadly been a long time coming. For those who know me, I have slowly been getting more and more inactive. I went from a daily player, to retired in a matter of a few months.

    I had a lot of personal stuff happen in the last 4 months and that has been the reason for my lack of prescience. Unfortunately due to reasons out of my control I had to give up my laptop, I now have no way to play anymore. I was planning on coming back to daily activity a few weeks ago but I was stopped by this event.

    In terms of the future, I’m not sure. I hope to be playing again soon, but I am doubtful I will be able to buy another PC anytime soon. I am sorry to all this hurts, if circumstances were different this could have been avoided. Unfortunately though when shit goes bad, it’s like a domino effect that is where we are now (for me anyway). If I could have done a few things differently, I wouldn’t be in this position now. But you cannot change the past, you can change the future.

    I would love to list all the people that made my time in saes a good one and the people that I am sure I made at least smile. But there is too many. So goodbye for now all my homeslices, bbys, boo boos and nibbas :3

    Retired, but not forgotten. I hope to see you all again one day.

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    Assistant Chief of the Racing Division - TMH
    Medic in Training - SAM
    Arms Assassins
    Outbreak Organisation
    Senator of SAN Fierro South

  • Hoodini :((

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  • Ey you gonna be back soon! For more action with Hoodi, please join TMH Discord. Ok advertisements apart, great luck in fixing everything 😃 C'ya too soon!

  • Didn't wanna see this but knew it was coming as i'm a daily reader of The Hoodie Chronicles (yes it's real). But you do what you need to do bro, what you have going on is 10 times more important then MTA or any game for that matter. If you wanna play again i'm sure your gonna find a way in the near future but until then don't leave discord or we fight.

    Side note: alt text I fucking knew it.

  • Really sad to see this but you know, Real life comes first and since you've been sharing what's going on with you in life with me, I know what happened and I am damn sure that you'll survive this period and you'll become even better soon enough bro, Best of luck and take care bro, See you soon!

  • It's no surprise that this happened. I know what you're through. But, I'm sure you'll put everything in order. I hope you'll be active on Discord then we can keep doing "Tammy Trash Talk" :d

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    You are one of those people in SAES I like to chat for hours without even getting close to being bored. I hope all the good things for you (although you made nasty gifs of me). Stay strong!

  • Sad to see you retired bro, I hope to see you again ingame. peace

  • If your sisters are the reason making you retire, I will hunt them down and lock them under my bed!
    Sad to see you leaving bro, good luck getting your life managed.

  • @Marko don’t think you would want them under your bed, unless you want your shit stolen... 😨 Thanks though :3

  • See you again bro...

  • You must be in a bad state if you even have to sell your laptop. Anyways, good luck igloo

  • I refuse to see my kangaroo leaving 😥

  • No

  • @Markus Very true my igloo friend :3 Well the laptop was the last. Sometimes shit happens, although I lost nearly everything I am hoping I will return ^-^ Thanks again boo boo

  • @ElRastaMan17 I am hopping away like a kangaroo, but hopefully I will come back like a boomerang :3

  • noooo @sista, be back okay, i still got some spare tidepods from last month sad igloo noises

  • Now that you're focusing all your energy on real life, it's a good time to send me those bagels which u promised.. I'll be waiting for ur package.

    Good luck and make sure ya don't break Hoodie Goodie Zoomie combo, cya soon 😢