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    Idea mainly by @Frisout

    [TUTORIAL-ISH] Vehicle Creator
    Author: @Tombaa

    Bind panel tutorial
    Author: @Tut Greco

    [EXPLAINED] Role Play groups
    Author: @Sir Lord Pengo King of Bum

    ello, good evening guys.

    So, I guess the topic makes it quite clear what today's tutorial will be for.

    Now... First you must realize the differences between Gangs/Squads/Companies and Role Play Groups.

    Now, there is a fine topic about it made by Desolator - "The big handbook for Groups" which is pretty much useful and gives you certain idea of how the g/s/c system works. I'll probably offend you if I start explaining how the g/s/c system works, so I won't. However players seems to have lack of knowledge about how the Role Play group system works.

    Role Play Groups

    Now, the Role Play groups are specialized in a certain Role Play type.

    This means that the core idea of the role play group cannot be changed or led in a direction different than the one that's set in the main group idea. Of course this doesn't mean that the group itself cannot get involved in a different type of Role Play by another group!

    The Role Play groups are higher level of responsibility for both server and players.

    This is the main reason that groups are so hard to break through the server requirements to become official. The group idea must be original enough to involve the rest community members within their role plays, not just their members mass. This server still keeps its role play standard, so if you want your group to be taken serious, you must prove that your RP type is attractive enough for the rest part of the community.

    Players job is to keep that role play attractive, original and active. The source of role play potential must be almost unlimited. Many people complain that some of the role play groups that are inactive, because its HQs can't develop their true potential. And that's true, but it's not the group's fault, it's more about irresponsible management (the so called "lazyness" ). Admins are responsible to grant the worthy ones more opportunities - spawns and forums for instance, but this is something they do with the idea that it will serve well to the community's daily gameplay experience, so another responsibility that players have is to make SAES team efforts worth.

    Some groups "evolve" instantly, some others don't.

    It's true. Some groups are planned, projected and added straight away, why?

    SAES HQ/Staff come up with ideas of groups that will introduce the whole server community in a way or another. The ideas are original, attractive and entertaining. For instance - ZIP. Giving the opportunity to players to use their imagination and construct things on the live server? Well that's awesome, isn't it? Or LWS. The server always needed an event protecting group, so here comes LWS. Kicking unwanted rulebreakers, DMers, people who don't stick to the event rules, giving them a whole lot of opportunities to entertain the community? Well, high five for that! Or even SAF. Filming certain events and making community jobs such as promo videos with fair quality and professionalism? YEAH!

    Of course there are groups that doesn't fit the basic requirements such as involving the whole server into their Role Plays that don't get anything, yet there are groups that fought for years to get their spawns, for instance... SANA. SANA had tremendous amount of effort before they get their forums and spawn done and pretty much increased the interest into the "reporter" profession. Great job, SANA, right? San Andreas Pirates also had their tough days before getting a spawn and forums, but they never gave up on that and there they are official now. Take it as a side note: All groups that get official out of nowhere are here with the blessing of SAES HQ team. Their task is to entertain the whole community no matter what!

    SAES members support.

    Alright, I'm not lying about this. SAES members are a must, but not to push your whole group forward, but to observate your actions, your attitude, your whole group management on daily basis. They are your direct relation with the GM team. If you manage to impress them, believe me, nobody but yourself can stop you from getting official.

    Group Vs. Group/Group+Group Vs. Group.

    Here I'm going to tell you a few things about the originality of you ideas. As I've mentioned above, the group's RP must involve the whole or at least almost the whole part of the community. Groups that main RP is to fight against the role play for another existing official group wouldn't give you whole lot of opportunities to make it official, supporting groups of another official groups doesn't have bright success as well. I can mention MCC (Military civilian components) here, but they are Desert Eagles wing so it's absolutely normal that they have spawn. Far as I recon their motto is "The helping hand" after all, right?

    I would like to use the opportunity and link THIS topic for all groups that wish to achieve something and prove that they are worthy for the responsibility.

    I guess that that's all, so I wish you a good night

  • IRC Bouncer - How to get one for free
    Author: @wANTy

    As most of you know, we at SAES use IRC as a mean of communication. Those who are quite experienced using it, or have at least a little knowledge about it, surely know what is an IRC Bouncer.

    An IRC Bouncer can been seen as a proxy. It not only provides privacy - due your connection been made trough a proxy -, but as well as a useful tool to keep you always connected to your favorite IRC servers. Basically, your connection to the IRC Server is made from another server, which you can connect to.

    Ever wondered how are some people always connected to a certain channel?

    One of the main things that most people use Bouncers for, it's to keep themselves connected to certain channels, and always opened for message receiving.

    This means that even when your computer is turned off, you are still connected to your channels, and people can leave you messages.

    Obviously, as I mentioned before, this mostly required by people who use IRC quite often.

    You can pay for IRC Bouncers, or you can get them for free. I've been using bouncers for quite a few years, and I can tell you that there's not much difference between paid a free bouncers services, except the technical support.


    The service I'm letting you know is free, and has been around for quite a few years. It's called BNC4FREE.

    Step 1 - Connect to the channel #bnc4free , at your IRC Client. I use mIRC.

    Step 2 - Once you're connected, type "!request". A message will appear, telling you what parameters you should use in your !request syntax. READ IT.

    Step 3 - Fill the parameters properly ( !request [username] <IRC Server/Network name> <IRC port> )

    You'll receive an e-mail with your account information. Read it, as it contains instructions.

    For any questions/support, visit their wiki page -

    If you still have questions, their staff will help you in their channel #bnc4free

    Hope you got it all right. Any questions, feel free to ask me.

    I do not work for them, nor am I doing any sort of ad, just letting the community know another useful tool.



    Check who is in the server without entering!
    Author: @Brophy
    I don't know how many of you are aware of this, but months ago me and Kasimir added a feature to our server status on the main page so you can see who is in the server without joining!

    This feature works on all our servers (Bastage/SAESRPG) as long as they are online.

    You need to click the Player(s) text on the server status block to get the playerlist to show.

    Hope you find this helpful, and if you are still stuck, please see the attached photo

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