Dropping by to say hello to Brophy
By Alk15, in Blogs

  • Not sure if this is the right place, or even if it's allowed. It's been a hell of a long time since I last saw this website. I didn't even know it was still going!

    Back in 2003/04 I started playing MTAVC, I'd just gotten in to modding the GTA games and had discovered the joy of playing the games I loved with others.

    Back then MSN was all the rage, I was addicted the GTAForums, and knew a lot of the community, from GTA3mods, GTAGaming etc. etc. which lead me to join a clan.

    The name of that clan probably still echoes around the basements here, only allowed to be mentioned in hush tones.

    I had the worlds stupidest nickname, BiLzY, because you know, Z's were apparently cool back in the early 2000's. It looked even worse when you put TAT in front of it.

    Obviously our illustrious leader Tanner thought that 'The A Team' was a fantastic name for a clan...

    Anyway, not sure what jogged my memory on this Tuesday morning, whilst sat bored at work, but having just scrolled through all of the archives on here it brought back many happy memories of playing with some awesome people, despite our rivalry.

    All of the fights we used to have Prawn Island, the 'illegal' mods we used to install (we had our own The A Team skin for the Gang Burrito) to hating VCES that much we used to use trainers just to shoot RonSeal repeatedly. Obviously we'd deny this back then to high heaven, as we thought disabling it to let someone else kill you would be proof enough we weren't cheating.

    My absolute favourite memory of my time on MTAVC is the infamous member swap. It was at a time when trash talking, invading each others websites and posting crap on each others forums was all the rage. Hell, we even had our own quote wall on this very website, all our best insults and stupidity cycling through for all to see.

    Anyway, the swap consisted of our beloved member [TAT]Fishbulb joining VCES for the trade of one of your own. Who could we possibly choose? None other than Brophy. Or was it Br0phY at the time? Or some other early 2000's way of making your name look cool.

    In our young minds we thought this was a genuine trade, and was overjoyed we'd got such a high ranking member of our bitter rivals.

    It was short lived obviously, as we discovered that a plot was afoot. Destroying our vehicles, friendly fire, and basically trying to destroy us from the inside.

    I don't particularly remember many of the members we interacted with through VCES, except for Brophy and RonSeal, so not sure who else is about from 15 years ago!

    Very happy memories, some of the best online gaming I ever did, and a great community. I never played MTASA unfortunately, I'd lost interest by the time it rolled around, and so had the rest of [TAT] had disbanded.

    It's nice to see you guys still going after all of this time!


  • @Brophy This might be interesting for you.

  • Hi @Alk15, though I don't remember you specifically (its been quite a while......), I believe a few of us would still remember TAT, eh @Ronseal @Craig @vinnie ?

    It's a shame you guys always modded and cheated, otherwise you could have found yourself playing in the weekly clan matches!!!

    I don't remember any member swap, don't see why we would have allowed it, as we didn't get on with TAT, I do remember seeing someone pretending to be me on your server back in the day though.

    We have moved on quite a bit from being a 'clan' with a server to being a community, you should drop by sometime, see if it hits you in the feels!

    I have to agree, out of all the years running and playing on a GTA based server, nothing has quite compared to MTAVC for me.

    Nice to see you again.

  • Nothing beats the old MTA:VC days, i remember TAT renaming their server to VCES2 and carrying VCES tags/member names, made me chuckle for sure.
    BTW fishbulb is still around, hes currently in a clan called Ubercrue [UC] who i am allies with, they have a discord server if you ever want the link.