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The Strike Team

The Strike Team is an official, level 5 police squad on SAES:RPG.

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  • -General Information-

    In-game name: madrazo
    Account name: creptiz
    Age: 16
    Gender: male
    Country of residency: was born in egypt
    How well do you speak English?: i rate it as 8-10
    What all languages can you speak other than English?: Arabic
    Tell us something about yourself and if you are a student in Faculty of laws; mention that: well, hello my name is madrazo and am not a student at faculty of laws, but as always as i have a fairly judgment, i was always loved by people, playing games is my hoppy and i dont care about life

    -Specific Information-

    From how long are you playing SAES: nearly 2 years
    Since when are you playing GTA:SA: very long time, maybe more than 4 years
    Are you in any G/S/C If yes, Name it: N/A
    Are you in any group If yes, Name them and also name your previous groups and reason to leave them: BES, SAPA
    List few of your strengths and weaknesses: strengths are: shooting, driving, parachuting== weakness is lagging and sometimes low fps range
    Why do you want to join Age Of Judgment?: As i said i like the role of judging and i think J will fit me
    Which role that fits you ( Judge or Lawyer )?: I think lawyer fit me more
    How can you help Age Of Judgment?: by doing rps, events, offeeing any help J need
    Do you agree to follow all the F1 rules and Age Of Judgment's rules?: yes
    Who are Age Of Judgment's founder(s)?: phoenix
    What is Age Of Judgment's Motto?: "Justice Prevails"

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  • Application Format:

    Personal information

    Ingame Username:mo7a9e9


    English proficiency:7/10


    Spoken Languages:Frensh/Arbic

    Roleplay skills:7/10

    Previous Organizations you joined and the reason why you left/kicked :
    TST: Kicked beacuse i go inactive

    Write a paragraph explaining our Role:Cuz Wild Angles is a gang actives in game , his membres is good in playing and respect othres.

    Previous punishments/bans and reason:N/A

    Why you want to join Wild Angels?:

    What makes you special over the others and why should we accept you? :: I would not say im a very special because in my opinion everyone can be special in their own way, but i have the skills needed and the experience in gangs which make things more easy also i have the loyalty and maturity. Also i know i have not been so mature in the past , but i can ensure that i have achieved this target, as that was my aim as i have been told. I have been, trying to redeem my self from that lack of maturity i had in the passed and i do hope that i have showed that i can be mature and behave in the right manner and respect people .
    I can bring dedication and a drive to succeed to this gang . I've always been appreciative of what the organizations I have worked for have done for me, as well as what I can do for them. I'm a loyal and a special person who wants to do my absolute best for the gang I work for.
    One of the biggest attributes that I'd bring to this position is flexibility. At my previous gangs was able to help my team during focus gang testing,Ultimately, I'm willing to work with anyone at the gang to make sure gang's activities are a success.

    What does DeathMatch means:DM means deathmatch ex: killing players for no reason or damaging other players vehicle for no reason, Killing cops who are clearly not chaising anyone, or killing players as a kind of revenge

    If someone randomly DMed you, what will you do?:Take SS And report the player

    So you were going for a JB then you find a cop (AFK or not chasing you), what will you do?:n/A

    What does avoid arrest means: kill your self or left the game while escaping from the police.

    State 3 turf rules:
    1-you are not allowed to stay afk in the turf zone
    2-you are only allowed to spawn at hospital or the gang spawn
    3-spawning as cop to assist your gang is not allowed

    State 3 BR rules:
    1-gang has maximum amount of 2 BR per day
    2-the gang can kill anyone in their BR they don't want
    3-gang can't start robing while there is only one in the bank

    State 3 GR rules:
    -Do not throw granades on players or on cars with players in it
    -Only spawn in the base of the gang or in hospital
    -Do not spawn paramedic/PizzaBoy in Gang Robberies

    Additional Information
    Do you know any WA Member, and did anyone recommend you to apply for us? :@Arone

    What are your strengths:
    Killing Cop

    What are your weaknesses:
    Low FPS

    Something else to add?:N/A

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  • @Legend why the fuck are they discussing about you

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