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FoxZilla's application


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Ingame username: mertt
Ingame nickname: FoxZilla
Previous nicknames: Mert
Age: 19

Date started playing on SAES: 01/01/11 00:00

Current memberships: LWS - Supervisor CC - Impounder ZIP - Worker SaS - Honorary ALT - Trucker SAI - Trooper TMH - Master Patrolhead rTECH - Racer CS - Racer

Previous memberships: FOX / BB / SWAT / MI-6 / JK / Five-0 and some more. (Can't remember well)

Previous punishments/bans: 3 AJ | 2 DM - 1 Camping front of jail (all of them happened years ago.)

My strengths: My conversation is pleasant. And I have a nice portfolio on the server. Also, I have many experiences.

My weaknesses: Low activity is my weakness. I'm doing lots of things in real life so I can't be busy with PC. But it will be finished in a couple months.

Additional information: I'm playing in SAES since 2011. I have tried both sides and I made everything I want. Also few days ago we closed the MI-6, so from now on I would like to be in crim side as AA member (because I have friends in there also I like their style) to chat with people and join to some turfs.

I agree to the rules of this organisation: Yes
I agree to the rules of the community/server: Yes
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Hello @FoxZilla. We really appreciate your interest in joining us. While we do understand at this very moment your priorities in life sets you away from the game, before taking a decision we would like to see you a bit more in the game, at least at weekends or at any time of your convenience hanging with our members. Until then:



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